I am a soul

Baba says, ‘be soul conscious’. Only when you are in the awareness of a soul and remember Baba do you get the inheritance.

What is the inheritance? Purity, peace and happiness. And not just for now or even just this birth for at least half the cycle.

But I cannot just wake up one day and become soul conscious. It’s not something that happens on its own like growing taller or older for example. It’s something I need to constantly work on. Baba says, when I practice being a soul, I will remember Him. The more intense my practice is, the more constant His remembrance.

And when I remember Baba, I become pure which then leads to peace and happiness. And remembrance is the only way too. It’s not that I can decide to find a different way to become pure, there isn’t one. Only Baba can purify even the sanyasis and the elements of nature. And this confluence age is the time to become pure. At no other time do I even know to make this effort, do I even know what purity means because it is only now that God Himself comes to teach me.

The question is do I want to become pure? If yes, then time is of the essence.

Only when I am soul conscious will I be able to remember my attainments, I remember the experiences I’ve had with Baba, I remember my transformation, I remember my destiny, I remember the Drama. Else, I am lost in the expansion of the body, caught up in the web of deception, lies, falsehoods, in the rat race to an unknown destination. I can also get lost in endless analysis and debates about what’s right and wrong.

When I am soul conscious, I know, I experience.

I know my aim, I see it in front of me. And therefore I also think, speak and behave accordingly which is to say, I am righteous, with divine virtues. I transform from a sinful soul to a charitable soul. I transform from an orphan who was lost and wandering to an heir with a right to the inheritance. Baba says, I don’t adopt you, you are my child always but you forgot yourself and Me. Now I come to find you and remind you of all that you have forgotten and give you back your inheritance.

And it is easy too, Baba says. You don’t have to renounce your family and move to the mountains or the jungle. You don’t have to become a recluse. All you have to do is connect your mind with me…right where you are, whilst living with your family and shouldering your responsibilities. When you remember, you are able to give all your burdens to me and become light. I become your eternal companion.

Do I remember my truth? Or am I still disguised to myself?

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