Baba says, ‘contentment is the crown jewel of all virtues’. When I am content, I don’t blame anyone or anything. I have everything I need.

Some of us look for contentment through what we do. If what I’m working on goes well, if the people I’m working with behave as expected, I’m happy. If not, I’m not content. In other words, my contentment is very outcome based.

Sometimes, we look for contentment through how we are. Am I ‘perfect’, do I look ‘perfect’, can I behave ‘perfect’, then I am content, else I am not. I have trouble accepting that I am a work in progress. I expect to be a deity or an angel overnight.

Other times, I look for contentment through the approval from others. If others are happy with me, I am. Else, I am not and I tell myself that I need to work harder, longer. I might start to think I’m not smart enough either. This is how the world works today- we evaluate each other, judge each other based on artificial criteria.

But why do I look for contentment? Why am I searching outside? Could it be that I don’t respect myself enough to be content with who I am?

Baba comes and reminds me of who I am- a pure, divine soul, His child. Yes, I don’t look anything like a ‘pure, divine’ soul today. Yes, I lost my way. But God is here and He is here especially for me, to show me the way back to my truth. When I keep my originality in front of me and follow Baba’s instructions, I will get there. Yes, I will fail along the way, there will be storms but I keep chipping away and slowly but surely I will reach my aim. With every win, I gain power and confidence. I respect myself more and that drives contentment. I stop looking for fulfillment and contentment outside through others.

And when I am content, peace, happiness and all other virtues follow. So, let me look inward and keep moving forward knowing and believing that Baba is with me every step of the way. When I do that, I’ll find acceptance and contentment right in my heart.

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