Incognito warriors

Baba says, ‘this is an incognito study’. And we are incognito warriors.

Unlike the wars of the world, our war is being fought internally, on the battlefield of our mind and intellect. Our enemies are the vices and it can feel sometimes that the enemy is far stronger, look they’ve taken over the world and how! It’s like the movie ‘the Matrix’ where we are in the clutches or under the spell of the enemy and don’t even realize it.

But now, we know. God Himself comes and teaches us. He wakes us up, so to speak, from the waking dream that we were in, reminds us of who we really are, recruits us as His warriors in the battle against evil, to win back the world…our world, to help our brothers and sisters.

In this internal battle, the key is to recognize the vices in their various disguises – jealousy, lust, attachment, ego, greed, competition etc. etc. These various forms of body consciousness are like punches that pin us to the floor and from which it can take a while to recover depending upon how bad the punch was. The key is to see it coming and stop it in it’s tracks- don’t engage. The more I stay in remembrance and I don’t mean – sitting down and meditating alone, but touching base as I go through the day with who I am, my intrinsic truth, with my Father, with my task of world transformation, I easier it will be to recognize the enemy and stop them.

Our families, our colleagues, our friends don’t see this battle, they don’t know we are warriors fighting to transform ourselves and through that, the world. We look ordinary but internally, anything but. As we transform, our face, our smile, our behavior radiates spiritual strength, love, courage. They receive from us without even having to ask. They wonder what changed….

God doesn’t fight wars using violence as depicted in the scriptures or mythology. His is a war fought with the power of silence. The secret weapon of this war is remembrance – His mere remembrance cuts away sins, defeats the vices and makes us pure. Let me always wield it and serve myself and others. Let me do my part to win this war of peace – let me remember.

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