Control and rule

Baba says to increase the ‘controlling and ruling powers’. You are the master of your own mind, not the other way around.

Often times, we find ourselves lost in thought- not useful thought but waste thoughts or negative thoughts. Either something that happened that day, that week. Most of us are so addicted to negative and wasteful thinking that even when nothing happens, we find something that happened years ago to remember.

We think it’s natural, actually it’s not. Thinking too much, especially negative and waste, comes with serious consequences. Compared to positive thoughts that are slow, these kinds of thoughts tend to multiply quickly and move through the mind fast. And so, they deplete the energy of the soul severely by depleting the energy of the mind and intellect. It leaves a scar on the psyche that then impacts our relationships- we don’t know why we feel down, why we don’t want to engage with our family, why we prefer to be left alone but it’s a consequence of how we’ve spent our time that day, that week.

Suddenly, we find we don’t remember things that well anymore, we forget why we came, what we wanted to do that minute…we just had it, now it’s gone. We become short tempered, anything little or even silly can set us off because we have lost our power to discern, to manage our responses. We are tired.

Baba says, learn to control your mind. You are the ruler, the master of your mind. You create your thoughts. Often we believe that thoughts just show up on the screen of our mind but actually, we create our thoughts. It is up to me to choose the thoughts I want to have and set the quality bar. Sure, given people and situations i.e. the environment we live in, my sanskars (traits) get triggered and accordingly, a thought will form. But it is up to me to constantly remind myself of who I am, whom I belong to, what I am here to do and decide to curb that sanskar, transform it. When I do, the next time a similar trigger arises, because the habit or sanskar has changed, the quality of thought will change too.

Yes, its hard but the key is not to give up. Because our mind is weak at the moment, thoughts will fight back especially when I try to meditate. With determination, I make the concentrated effort to stop them and transform. It’s okay that the first thought comes but it’s up to me to prevent it from becoming a chain. Don’t get onboard. Its a practice that yields very, very fruitful results that will pay high dividends in our spiritual journey.

It is the greatest compassion I can show myself – controlling my mind. When i think positive, I will feel positive and I will love and respect myself more because of it. The face is the index of the mind- I will start to smile more, radiate light and love because I have learnt to love myself. I will feel lighter. I will feel more powerful, having accumulated it through conserving energy.

I serve myself and others by my very existence.

My mind and intellect are my subtle organs and I am in charge – that’s the truth I have to remember and be deliberate about controlling what goes on in that factory. It’s a choice between claiming my power or draining it away.

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