Baba says, ‘your mood should not fluctuate’. Stability is one of the most important virtues. Are we stable?

Usually, our mood depends on how our day is going. If things go according to plan, we feel good. If not, we are disappointed or even frustrated. We cannot understand why people don’t see things the way we do. We’ve done all the due diligence, put in the hours and yet, it’s hard to get traction. At home, everyone seems to need something. It can feel hard to find some space, just some peace and quiet. Sound familiar?

As it turns out peace and quiet are not something anyone can give us but rather what we have to access within us. No one and nothing can take it away from us either without our permission. But we make it easy. It’s like we hand over the remote to our mood to others- they push buttons and it’s like the channel of our mind changes which is to say, our mood swings from one to another. If we were to count how many different moods we go through in a single day, we’d be surprised!

Baba says, learn to see yourself as a soul and everyone else as a soul too. When you do that, you really learn to go beyond the petty and mundane. You go beyond the criticisms and judgments and learn to accept and let go. We understand what is right and wrong but learn not to let anything dictate our mood. We remain stable irrespective of the goings on. When we fluctuate, its hard for others to engage with us, they feel confused.

Its like a lighthouse that is responsible for showing ships the way back to harbor. It’s virtue is that it sends out a consistent beam of light in all directions that ships count on and trust to guide them back. If it fluctuates with every wave that crashes against it, it really wouldn’t be serving its purpose. This is why lighthouses are built atop a rock, not on sand. Similarly, we have the rock of Drama and Baba to stand on top of. Can we have enough faith in them to not worry about the waves of the everyday and simply focus on keeping our stage stable?

If we can, that is the greatest service we can do ourselves and to others. A stable mind is an important pre-requisite for Baba to be able to use us for His task and work through us. So let me have faith in His benevolence and the benevolence of Drama, let me have faith in my own destiny and know when something comes in front of us that, this too shall pass.

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