Relate to Him

Baba wants us to relate to Him through all relationships. The word relate is important.

Many of us think of God as someone/thing abstract, who’s up there somewhere watching our every move, judging, having His assistant note down every wrong thing we’ve said or done. It’s almost like He’s waiting for us to do something wrong so we can be punished. And so our relationship with God is one that is based on fear.

God comes and gives us His own introduction and tells us exactly who He is, what He does and equally, what He doesn’t do. He doesn’t punish, we do that, He clarifies. He has come to remind us of the right way to be so that we can stop our self-destructive habits, so we can stop punishing ourselves.

He is the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier. He says, relate to me…as my child, my student, my friend, my companion. By thinking of Me as ‘God’ and referring to me as ‘God’ or ‘Master’, you are distancing yourself from me. It takes the love out of the relationship and makes it one of a superior and a subordinate. Its unequal and impure, based on needs and expectations.

Baba says, this is the family path, not one of worship. I am your Father and you are my children. Would a father expect his children to stand before him joining their hands in prayer with heads bowed down or kneeling or prostrating themselves before him?! I’ve known you since the very beginning, before you even knew yourself. I am here for you, to take you back home with me. I love you…relate to me.

Even when we sit in meditation, for example, very often we tend to battle with ourselves- ‘I have to focus, I have to focus, I have to focus…’ or when we see a defect within us, we tend to fight it…which of course only makes it stronger. And we expect to see or hear something from God, feel His presence somehow. We insist on answers when we want them and how we want them. When we don’t get them, we think God has forgotten us.

We have it all mixed up. Let me not attach human sanskars (traits or behaviors) to God. God NEVER forgets. He is always with us even though we may not feel that way. And my time in meditation is my time with Him, where I am easy, natural, checking in with Him as I would with a friend, with someone I love. Let me not demand, fight or pull. Let me approach Him with the confidence I would have approaching a dear friend. No, I am not a sinner in His eyes, I don’t have to be a top employee, have won something or proven myself in some limited, human way to impress Him. He is already mine, He is not judging nor expecting. I don’t need appointments, He is ALWAYS available, He is my family. Relate to Him….

He wants to be the most important part of my life, my world. He wants to participate in everything as a true companion would, He is there unconditionally to listen, to clarify, to brainstorm, to laugh, to offer a shoulder, to eat with, dance with, sing with or to simply sit with. Let me learn to count on Him, trust Him…and love Him, not worship Him.

He relates to me directly, let me do the same.

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