The power of introspection

Baba says, ‘be introspective’. Most of us are so busy trying to impress others, win approval, score points that we are anything but introspective. We live in a time that rewards extroversion and a culture of show & tell.

But as we all realize based on our own experiences, such a life is not just exhausting, it is in fact unfulfilling. It requires that we tirelessly chase after a moving target never quite ‘making it’. Baba says, such as life is ‘worth not a penny’.

‘Remember who you are and remember Me and you will be the emperor of the world’, He reminds us. That requires introspection but often times, we can get it wrong.

We look inwards very superficially and see our own defects. We come face to face with our ego, with our anger, greed etc. and feel dejected and disheartened. That is superficial introspection.

True introspection means to go deep within where I truly touch base with my original self, where I can see myself the way God sees me- with divine qualities, with no prejudices, no hang ups, no shackles. It means to touch base with my destiny. It requires faith to not stop at the first layer, so to speak, where we see our current state i.e. our defects but to go deeper.

It is equally important that we don’t simply stay there but rather learn to go in and out. Its a problem when we always stay inside- then we become detached, almost reclusive. That’s not the point of introspection. When done right, it should bring us closer to each other, help us respect and accept each other more because we’ve come in touch with our original divine qualities that we then apply in our practical life. Introspection, in that sense, is a mirror that allows us to see our true self.

Introspection is also the basis for the power of silence where we connect with God – without first stabilizing myself in the consciousness of a soul which can only be done through introspection, I cannot connect with the Supreme.

Baba says, let go of all the waste thoughts, the negative thoughts, the useless matters of this old world and direct your attention on yourself, on making yourself strong through the power of introspection and remembrance. Your heart and mind will become pure, clean and clear. You will build up your ability to discern right from wrong and the ability to make decisions quickly and correctly. You will see the version of you that I see and build the strength to be that again.

There is so much greatness within you, why are you looking for it outside?

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