Its a journey of remembrance

Baba reminds us, ‘you are on a journey of remembrance’. That word journey is important. We can sometimes think of meditation as this ritual that we have to do during a fixed time we’ve set aside for it. Then we are off into ‘real life’.

Meditation or as Baba refers to it, ‘remembrance’, is a lifestyle. It is a journey of self-discovery that we are on. It is not something we do in the 30mins we set aside each morning or evening. Its not something I require a yoga mat for or something I need to light candles for. Its how I live my life, with self observation and reflection leading to deep and permanent transformation.

It is based on the knowledge Baba gives me about myself – that I am a soul, a divine soul with divine qualities. Each morning He tells us a little more about ourselves and Him. Understanding that knowledge is the first step. But then I have to be careful that it doesn’t just stay in the intellect. I learn to observe myself in a detached, objective way as I go through the day, reflect on why I behaved the way I did, felt the way I did and then quickly course correct without falling into the time sucking traps of shame and guilt. Its not about staying in the head, analyzing and debating and self-criticizing or philosophizing. Its putting into practice. If you stumble, its okay, pick yourself up and move on.

Don’t panic, don’t feel hopeless, don’t feel alone and for His sake, DON’T STOP. We’ll want to at times but REMEMBER…remember yourself, remember Him. He is with you even if you don’t feel it, you don’t see it and the voice in your head is trying to convince you He has forgotten or given up on you. He hasn’t. Keep moving….

With each little step I take on the journey, I discover a little something about myself, I get closer to seeing what Baba sees in me. I move ahead from just listening to believing because I see the changes -in my thoughts, words, my feelings and my attitude towards things. In the past where I would have given up, I see myself pushing forward. Where I would have stayed quiet, I speak up. Where I would have been angry, I remain calm. He is teaching me, the Drama is teaching me. Let me have faith and slowly but surely, I will climb up that mountain and begin to see and respect myself a whole different way….in Baba’s way. He was speaking the truth about me after all!

Most of us want to be good and do good. We think about how we can change the world, make a lasting impact. Baba says, ‘self transformation is what leads to world transformation’. If I don’t feel peaceful inside, if I don’t love myself and respect myself, its hard to bring world peace or love and respect anyone else. A group of people filled with rage and frustration and bitterness cannot possibly bring about peace. I can only always offer what I have.

And so the recipe for world transformation is clear- realize my own self-transformation and share my better self each day, each moment with the world. Keep moving forward on my journey…its a journey worth taking as arduous as it might seem. I have the world’s BEST guide with me, He’s got my hand in His. He knows every alley, every road, every forest and every thorn and He has the remedy.

So keep moving with Him, DON’T LET GO, no matter what. Its the best gift I can give myself and Him this Thanksgiving.

Love you Baba…

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