Making my intellect a golden vessel

Baba says, ‘the jewels can only stay in a golden vessel’. Baba gives us the jewels of knowledge every single day. Each jewel is worth multi-millions. But is my intellect a golden vessel in which these invaluable jewels can stay? Because if not, I will never be able to retain that which I hear and therefore never be able to inculcate into my practical life.

The vessel of my intellect becomes golden when I become pure. And I, the soul, become pure through the fire of yoga or remembrance of the One who is the purest of the pure. When a precious metal such as gold has alloy mixed within it, it is considered impure. To make it pure, it is placed in a furnace so that the alloy melts away leaving just the gold in its pure form. Similarly, when I connect my intellect with His, then my sins, defects, masks and labels are all burnt away and all that is left is me in my purest form- a child of God.

And it is important that the fire be kept burning throughout the day, not just during a fixed time. As we come face to face with situations and people, our mind starts to spin into a cycle of negative or wasteful thoughts. Sometimes, we might not feel negative but our mind might wade into ordinariness- the mundane things, to-dos, that movie you saw, that article etc.

Every second of this very short and auspicious confluence age is precious. If I let my mind slip into an abyss, it often takes a long time to realize (a) that its out of control and (b) reel it back. During that time, my words, feelings, actions have all been compromised because I wasn’t exactly ‘present’. This slipping away happens when my mind is weak and doesn’t have an aim or objective to work toward. While my mind is the screen on which thoughts are created, it is my intellect that discerns if that is a thought worth getting onboard with. And even before that, it decides what kinds of thoughts should be created in the first place.

If I can keep my intellect connected with the powerhouse, it has the purity to retain the knowledge and understanding, and it has the might to train the mind. So let me check throughout the day if my intellect is connected – a 1 minute pause every hour does the trick. It helps me check the traffic of my mind, control it in terms of both quality, quantity and speed before getting on with the next hour.

Let me control the conversations I choose to engage in – do I need to be part of that gossip? do I need to know everything that is going on around the block or in the office? Do I even need to read every page of the newspaper or watch every TV program? If I control the quality of my input or stimuli, then the output i.e. the thoughts that are generated in the mind will reflect that.

I am not an ordinary soul, I am a child of God. Let me realize this reality by burning away the ordinary, the waste, the toxic that is covering up the real me. Let me touch base with my true destiny and discover the unlimited inheritance that is hidden within me.

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