This is a new study

supreme-charger-2-2Baba says, ‘this is a new study for the new world’. When we hear Baba’s teaching, we find it to be so completely different from what is taught in the world. Baba says, this is not a study being taught by a human being for this world. You have to unlearn everything you have been taught so far and learn what I am teaching you about yourself, Me and the new world.

We find that hard to do though – the part about unlearning. We instead spend time reconciling, rationalizing and then compromising. We convince ourselves that Baba’s teaching is great, its fresh, it even feels right but you know what, ‘we live in the real world‘.

‘Actually, you don’t’, Baba says. That’s the whole point. This is a false world being run by the vices. There is extreme sorrow, there is rich and poor, there is educated and illiterate…there is disparity everywhere. How can this be the real world? Real is what God would create and He created a different world- one based on divine virtues, where everyone was free, equal, loved and respected, where there was no concept of rich vs poor, there was no concept of sorrow, where everyone was happy and peace was the only religion.

That is the real world, God’s world. We lost it to the vices and as we changed, so did our world. Baba has come to remind us of who we really are, whom we belong to and the real world. He is teaching us the method to return to our original state so we can claim our world back.

And so when we have that dilemma about whether to speak the truth, stand for our values and pass on that high paying job….or compromise, we choose truth. When we decide what to consume through the windows to our soul – the eyes and ears – we choose wisely. When we speak to our children, we emphasize the new way of living based on inherent spiritual values. Where we would typically get angry, we remember who we are and see the other person as a soul, a brother. We forgive ourselves for what we’ve done and learn to forgive others.

Every decision, every moment is a choice. In the beginning, the right choice might feel really hard, but as we keep at it, we discover that we in fact we feel lighter and happier with every right choice because they are based on the natural qualities of the soul. Because I didn’t have to justify to myself that compromise I made or I didn’t have to look the other way, I didn’t have to hide anything from my kids, because I am now living a life I am truly proud of. I now respect myself.

It is up to each one of us to usher in the new world. The sooner I can start unlearning the old and learning the new, the sooner I change the world.

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