Plug into the right source

Baba says, ‘belong to Me in your mind’. I personally believe that to be the greatest, most beautiful blessing there is. If I can belong to Him in my mind which is to say, I listen and act according to His directions and teachings, I become like Him. Is there a higher state of being?

If I can think of myself, the soul, as a battery then its important to keep it charged throughout the day. As we all know when any device such as a smartphone is running low on battery, it lacks the energy to operate as well as it can, several of the functions shut down, the screen dims etc. Suddenly something that is so powerful, so critical, capable of doing so much is rendered useless.

We then find ourselves searching frantically for an energy source to plug the phone into so that it can regain its energy and start performing once again. Similarly, I the soul need to plus into an energy source regularly throughout the day to stay charged. But its key to plug into the right source…

Throughout the day we find our mind wandering and plugging itself into various sources- that friend with whom we shared fond memories and instantly we feel energized. But then we remember that boss who was mean and didn’t reward our hard work and our energy level drops. In some cases, we derive energy from an action – I do something that works as expected and I am energized, when it doesn’t I feel crushed. This erratic up and down is not healthy for the mind and therefore the soul. Its inconsistent, not to mention exhausting to live this way when our own inner world seems not in our control.

For spiritual power, the only source I should be plugging into is God. He is the main powerhouse. By virtue of who He is – incorporeal, beyond the cycle of rebirth and the fruits of action, He is constantly charged. And so remembrance is about disconnecting from the numerous temporary sources of satisfaction and connecting to the one, pure Source. Its choosing Him, belonging only to Him in my mind. That doesn’t push me away from my family and friends as some would assume, on the contrary, it gives me the energy and purity of attitude and feeling needed to have long lasting and enriching relationships. I take from the Supreme Source and share with others.

His love and remembrance purifies me by burning away the negative and wasteful, the false and deceptive. It’s the alchemy that returns me back to myself, the true unadulterated, label-free self. Let me not deprive myself of this sweet union, of this opportunity to collaborate with God to re-connect with myself. It can only be done at this time in the entire cycle….so plug in, He’s available.

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