Purity done right

Baba says, ‘you cannot become pure without following my directions.’ Many people think purity is just about conquering lust but that’s just a small part of it. That alone cannot give you happiness and peace, says Baba.

There are many souls in the world who remain celibate since childhood. Some others renounce their home and family to leave for the mountains. They believe they can become pure by leaving and find salvation through their purity. In India, many people that a dip in the (holy) Ganges will make them pure. Baba is quick to dismiss these beliefs as false.

Baba says, ‘this is a very limited view of purity’. He doesn’t ask us to leave our homes, renounce our family and run away. In fact, Baba discourages that. This is the family path, says Baba, you have to shoulder your responsibilities. Purity, He teaches us by His own example, is to live in the midst of impurity and serve.

To serve, we have to become pure inside and out. It starts with our thoughts- if I have waste or negative thoughts, it doesn’t matter if I live in the mountains, I don’t qualify as pure. Do I have impure feelings of malice, jealousy or perhaps critical feelings towards myself or others? What about my words? Do I get angry and mouth hurtful words? My thoughts and feelings further guide my actions.

Unless I have made my thoughts, words, attitude and actions pure, I don’t qualify as a pure soul per Baba’s definition. He questions, ‘if the sanyasis (recluses) are pure, how come they haven’t returned home? how come they haven’t found salvation?’ Only God, The Purifier, can make the impure souls pure. That is His role in the Drama, no one else’s. To become pure, I, the soul need to connect my intellect with His. His remembrance alone will make me pure. He is ever pure and in that mirror, I see my own gaps, my defects and by receiving His love and His power, I am able to transform.

Baba is The Almighty, not because of a physical size or because He causes thunder and lightning or because He can bring the dead back to life. He is The Almighty because His mere remembrance purifies the most impure souls. He is The Almighty because His love is the Alchemy that uplifts and transforms.

He loves His unlimited children and has come to take us back home. He is teaching me about myself everyday. Let me learn from Him and become that which He shows me as my true, original self. When I can do that, my complete purity then births peace and happiness and I touch base with my own greatness.

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