Knowledge is understanding

Baba says, ‘knowledge is understanding‘. We typically associate the word ‘intelligent’ with people who are academically ahead or understand complex issues. ‘But‘, asks Baba, ‘do they know who they are and who their Father is?‘ If the answer is no, then Baba asks, ‘of what use is anything else?

Baba comes at this auspicious Confluence age to give us His and our own introduction. That, He tells us, is what I need to understand deeply and accurately. That is knowledge. When I don’t understand this accurately, I wander in the darkness of ignorance thinking and acting in ways that are hurtful to me and to others.

It is when I don’t understand that I believe God is in every stone, animal and human. I undertake dangerous pilgrimages, observe fasts and leave home to do rigorous penance. It is because we don’t understand that we still wage wars against our own brothers in the name of God…to bring peace!? It is because I don’t understand that I seek love and respect from people or positions. It is because I don’t understand that we live in a world engulfed in sorrow, depression and anxiety.

We lack understanding, we lack knowledge. And that is not intelligent no matter how qualified I am otherwise or what my status is in society. Baba says, it is only when you understand the knowledge of the Creator and the creation that you can be called truly intelligent and win a true scholarship that pays your way through half the cycle.

The knowledge that God gives us is the light that quells the darkness of ignorance that has enveloped the soul. It is only when that darkness subsides that I can touch base with my own greatness – that is in turn the only way to permanent self-respect. It is only when I know my Father can I experience true love, can the anxiety subside, can I feel peace and happiness. Until then the soul feels like an orphan, not knowing right from wrong, not knowing where to turn, seeking its worth from everywhere else but within itself.

Baba says, I am here now. Forget all that you have learnt here in this world, renounce all your bodily religions, let go your attachments and only remember Me. He is my reference point for how I ought to be. When each one of us connects our intellect with His, we become truly intelligent. When we each become intelligent, we create an intelligent world- one where there is in fact peace, love, happiness and prosperity….as a natural way of being, one where everyone respects themselves and others.

It’s time to get smart, its time to understand.

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