If not now, then never

Baba says, ‘if not now, then never’. Baba comes at this auspicious time in the cycle to show us the path to claim our lost inheritance. He is directly accessible to us as our Father, Teacher and Guru at this time. While these are the three main relationships, Baba says, keep all your relationships with Me. When we do, we experience His direct support, His companionship. He teaches us how to be our true self, our original self – His child, a pure and divine being.

Through His Murli (daily teaching) and His remembrance, we realize ourselves. We begin to see the gaps between what He tells us about ourself and who we are today.

What we do next makes all the difference.

Do we immediately act on that realization? In other words, do I take His hand and with determination, make changes to transform myself? Or do I say something like, ‘yes, I have to change…’, ‘yes, I have to work on that….’ and push it off to a later, undefined time?

Baba says, ‘act immediately on the realization‘. There is immense power merged in the moment of realization. The longer I wait to act, the more power I lose. I won’t want it as badly, I find other things to prioritize, my circumstances might change, I might rationalize it off saying, ‘maybe its not so bad after all. So many people do the same thing….‘ The moment of realization should be immediately combined with a deep decision to change. If I want to change a defect, then I need to decide that ‘I don’t want this anymore, this is useless to me’ and then immediately offer it to Baba, which is to say, I pay attention to curb it.

Similarly when I have waste thoughts, it starts with one thought but if I am careless and don’t nip it right there, it spirals into a fast and furious chain that sucks all the time and energy. Then we say, ‘I don’t know why I feel so low this morning’. ‘I just want to be left alone’, ‘I think I need a break’ and then we look for peace in the mountains or by the ocean or some other retreat. And then until we recover from that slump, we’ve essentially shut ourselves to Baba, to His love.

Baba says, all you have to do is pay attention to your thoughts and develop your controlling power. When that first thought comes, recognize it for what it is and cut it off immediately, not later. The longer I wait, the harder it gets to control.

Time is an important treasure, especially at this time because it is a blessed time. God is here and is available. While in the past, I only had my will power, I now have His will power combined with mine. And so when I in His remembrance, decide with determination that I want to do something, whether it is a change I want to make within me, whether it is a service idea I want to implement or anything else I need to take care of, that moment of time is extremely powerful, so let me use it and act immediately.

Time is of the essence. God only comes at this time once in the cycle. He is teaching me, let me not waste a single moment. Let me take my full inheritance….now! because if not now, it’s never.

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