The key is His remembrance

Baba says, ‘remember Me alone’. But we children forget again and again. When you forget the Father, you forget His teachings too, He says. You forget you are a student, you forget everything. The magic is in the Father’s remembrance, it is what transforms us from iron aged to golden aged.

The Father’s remembrance makes us the masters of heaven or paradise, the golden aged world. When I remember the Father, I automatically remember the Teacher and the Guru. But when I forget the relationship of the Father, I forget everything – the inheritance, the teachings, the truth…everything. It is His love that is the alchemy that transforms the soul.

Baba says, you have to stay alert at every step and follow my instructions. At this time in the cycle, Maya (illusion, the vices) is so powerful that even the best students stumble. Don’t be defeated by Maya, says Baba. Be careful and stay connected with Me at all times. I am here to take you home.

We had been searching for Baba for half the cycle. He is here now and is accessible to us directly in every relationship, most importantly as our Father. Let me take His hand. Baba says, ‘no one can even ask you if you are happy and content!’ because you should be constantly content. You were concerned about finding the Father, now that you have found Him, why should you be worried about anything? Even though you may be unwell, you still say that you are happy and content. God’s children are not concerned about anything.

But we can truly get to that state only when we are in constant remembrance of the One. My mind is never in a state of vacuum. If I am not in remembrance, then my mind is filled with something else – maybe something wasteful, negative or perhaps even good news. But nothing of this old world should get in the way of the Father’s remembrance. Many people who are rich and famous think they are already in heaven but Baba categorically says, I haven’t even created heaven yet, so there is no question of anyone being there. And no, hell and heaven cannot co-exist. This old world is hell right now, I am here to transform it into heaven.

That transformation happens when each one of us transforms or rather returns to our original, true state of a pure, divine being. That happens through His and His remembrance alone, there is no other method. I am here to give you your inheritance. The more you remember Me, the purer you will be and the more inheritance you will be able to claim.

It is up to you, He says. Take as much as you want, the key is remembrance.

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