The little lamp and the storm – Part 2

Baba says, ‘don’t be afraid of the storms of Maya’. So, what do we do?

As we discussed previously, storms WILL come but the storm is not so important. It’s what we do next that is important. If I get afraid and panic, I make myself even more vulnerable to the storm. Instead, I need to take Baba’s hand and with determination, push through.

So what are some of the tactical things I can do?

Remember my attainments and experiences with Baba so far. I have been through situations before, I have faced storms before and made it through each time. He has never let me down so far, He is not going to now.

The storm that has come might be showing me my acquired sanskars of lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment, jealousy etc. But they are just that- acquired. My original sanskars are different- they are true. And those are Purity, Peace, Love, Joy, Bliss, Powers and Knowledge. So rather than focus on what is visible on the surface, let me touch base with my original sanskars. As I focus on and reflect on these, the acquired sanskars will dissolve on their own.

Let me remember to not be self-indulgent and get absorbed by the sanskar that’s coming up. This is where I get so caught up that the sanskar is all I can think about, it is how I view myself, its as if there is nothing else left. Yes, I need to be honest with myself about the defect but then I have to swiftly move on to transform it rather than dwell on it.

The moment of realization when I become deeply aware of my defect, is the moment of maximum power. Let me make a determined thought right then to transform. If I let that moment pass, my will power weakens, my circumstances might change, I will rationalize my way out of it etc. and then the storm will come again and again. But if I can with my power of determination decide – I will never be angry again, not just will I not speak angry words or behave with force, I will not even think an angry thought- I can make the change. If I need to seek professional help, let me do it right away. The more time I allow between my moment of realization and action, the more likely I will not take the action. Instead if I act, God will match my tiny will with His enormous will and enable my transformation.

Let me remember that the storm is here to move me forward- to teach me something about myself. Instead of viewing it as my opponent, let me see it as a teacher who is here to make me experienced. Instead of fearing it, let me learn what I need to from it and simply let it go. Let me not fight it, deny it or blame others for it. Blaming is the easiest way to get out of facing something within me because really all others are doing is triggering something that exists inside me. Its not them, its me – the first step is taking accountability.

Let me use this storm as an opportunity to use my spiritual powers and become experienced in them. Maybe I am weak in the power of tolerance in which case I will face storms in the form of people that push my buttons until I master tolerance. Maybe I need to get better with my power to pack-up in which case I will face storms in the form of non-stop waste thoughts about pretty much anything – they will exhaust me until I learn to apply the full-stop.

Finally, don’t worry. Baba is The Purifier and is here to guide me through the storm and help me make the changes I need. All I need to do is stay alive, keep my flame burning no matter how bad the storm. This too shall pass.

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