You and I are combined

Baba says, ‘stay combined with me‘. Maya attacks you when you are alone, never be separated from Me and you will always be safe and carefree, says Baba.

There is so much in that word ‘combined’. What are some of the points to keep in my intellect such that I can always remain in the awareness of being combined with the Father?

  • The Father cannot be without His children and the children cannot be without The Father. When I experience the Father always present like this, the spiritual fragrance will enable me to constantly be with the One.
  • He is the One who is getting everything done through me. I am His instrument, I simply follow His directions. When I do, He is responsible for me.
  • Maya comes when I am alone. She first separates me from the Father like a thug who first lures you away before stealing from you. So pay attention that you are always combined, never become alone. I and my Baba, always stay combined in this awareness and you will become the conqueror of Maya.
  • The more you stay in remembrance, the more you will experience the companionship of the Father. Anytime a situation comes before you, simply have the awareness that I am combined with the Father, then you will never be afraid. Give all your burden to Baba and become light yourself. Then, you will experience yourself to be happy and will dance like an angel.
  • This Confluence Age is the age to stay combined with the Father. I am His constant companion and that makes me always content. When I am combined with the Father, that strength is enormous and can get a thousand things accomplished all at once.
  • Just as how the soul and the body are combined and jointly performing a task, similarly, any action you do must be combined with remembrance. When you perform any task while in remembrance, you will always feel light and be detached from the outcome of the task.
  • If you ever experience failure or hardship while moving along, then it is because you have separated yourself from the Father. Why do you separate yourself from Me? When you stay combined, Godly magic naturally fills every service task you do.
  • Our promise to each other is that we will always be together, eat together, live together….always remember this promise and you will never be alone.

You are I are combined till the very last moment of this Confluence Age, says Baba. You are never alone.

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