Be an active student

Baba says, ‘be an active student‘. There are two kinds of students, active and passive. Active students are those that work hard to pass the exam with high marks and passive students are those that waste their time remembering friends and relatives, says Baba.

So what does is involved with being an active student?

Baba is my Supreme Teacher and He is teaching me new things, revealing new secrets everyday. Do I listen attentively when He is teaching me? do I note down those points that touched me deeply or that I found new and especially relevant to me? or am I the student that sits on the spiritual back bench, so to speak, and lets my intellect wander here, there, everywhere as I wait for the class to end?

Once the class is done, I still have access to my Teacher. He is an active Teacher, always available, 24/7, to answer questions, clarify doubts, offer a perspective…anything. Do I take advantage of His availability and ask Him about things I didn’t quite understand? For that, I would need to spend time churning the knowledge I heard in class that morning. When I do that, I uncover deeper meanings, identify how it applies to me and come to important realizations. Do I share them with my Teacher and get His opinion. Am I actively involved in this study? Do I take it personally?

Once I arrive at the realization and have any neccessary clarification, do I then imbibe it and make it part of my character, my natural nature? You see, this school too has both theory and practical lessons. We listen to the theory and then apply it practically in our life. Or do I hear, nod my head saying it is really interesting and forget about it the minute I am out of class?

Active students also prepare themselves according to the study. My daily itinerary starts early in the morning with remembrance – connecting with myself and with Him. Do I wake up each day consistently or do I allow myself to make excuses every so often? The quality of that remembrance depends on how fresh and healthy I feel- do I pay attention to what I eat and when? do I pay attention to my screen time or are my eyes tired? do I pay attention to the content I consume all day or do I feed my mind waste? The quality of my remembrance also depends on how I spent my previous day – did I protect my thoughts, words, attitude or was my behavior such that it is weighing me down?

When I actively engage in the study, when I actively engage with my Teacher and learn from Him, I gain His trust. Teachers take special interest in their top students because they know these students will make them and the school proud. They trust that they will go on to do big things in the world.

God is here to transform this whole world from hell into heaven. He needs the help of His children, His students. He needs me to study what He is teaching well so that I can participate in His task and help Him. Am I an active student?

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