Be a support to the world

Baba says, ‘be generous-hearted‘. Generosity is the specialty of the special souls that are a support to the souls of the world.

To be generous-hearted means to constantly have a big heart for every task, a heart that gives naturally. He says, be generous-hearted in uplifting everyone, in making everyone move forward with your good wishes and pure feelings. ‘Whatever is yours is mine and whatever is mine is yours’, because everything belongs to the one Father…our Father.

So what does that mean?

Often when we work together with others, there are many ideas offered for how to do something. Do I get attached to my idea or am I accepting of other perspectives? Maybe there is a new person on the team, am I creating an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and safe to speak out, to offer their point of view? or does only the loudest person on the team get heard? Am I willing to go a little out of my way to draw that shy person out of their shell and figure out what their special talents or interests are? Am I offended to be a member on a team where someone younger, less experienced is the lead? Do I leave or do I stay and contribute my experience?

Maybe I did in fact have the better idea one day but I know that accepting that younger or more junior person’s idea is going to give them a lot of confidence. Maybe I rotate responsibilities between different team members so everyone is learning something new and feels valued.

Sometimes, its simply acknowledging the other person. When we live in our head too much, we can become quite detached and aloof. Do I forget to smile? That in itself can light up someone’s face, compel them to smile back. Sometimes, its saying ‘good morning’ even when the other person forgot and walked right past me. Sometimes, its just holding the door open, helping someone with their bag.

When I ask someone ‘how are you?’, do I mean it and actually wait to hear their response? If it seems they are having a rough day, do I take a few minutes to find out why and offer a few words of encouragement or do I try to get out of there thinking, ‘not my problem, I have a lot to do’? When someone is telling me something that happened to them, what kind of thoughts do I have? are they benevolent thoughts of comfort or something like ‘well, you must have done really bad karma for this to happen to you’?

Thoughts and vibrations travel a LOT faster than words. The other soul feels it immediately. They know if you are on their side or not, with them on something or not.

Baba says, ‘using the power of words to donate the knowledge to others is quite common‘. What is uncommon is to give the co-operation of my virtues, my attitude, my specialties. This, He says, is special.

Such special souls will be free from jealousy, dislike and criticism or taunting. Sometimes, we think we are saying things in jest but they scar the other soul. It is as if I just pushed someone that was walking along. Then that soul will think of me every time they look at their scar, feel that throbbing pain. That is not an ordinary thing, says Baba, this too gets added to the list of giving sorrow. Have an attitude of uplifting souls, not pushing them down.

An unlimited vision and attitude that accommodates every soul, sweet words, an ability to give zeal and enthusiasm to others and to uplift them…these are the qualities of the special souls that give support to the whole world, says Baba. They don’t worry about getting credit, becoming famous, winning approval etc., they are not bound by any labels or chains of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Instead they constantly sing the song of ‘I already have all that I wanted’ in their heart. They share what they have attained with others and enable them to sing the song in their hearts too.

Let me check today, am I a support to the world?

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