Jewel of contentment

Baba says, ‘become a jewel of contentment‘. The rose in the garden is unaffected by who its visitors are and if they liked it or not. If I thought it smelt wonderful and my friend didn’t, the rose won’t go out of its way to smell even better for me next time nor will it ignore my friend or sulk. It simply continues to be who it is.

Contentment looks like that. I am happy and comfortable with who I am. I don’t feel the need to pretend, to get into anyone’s good graces, to sulk or do anything else that is unnatural to the soul. I just am.

But more often than not, we are shaken by a situation that comes up, by something someone said, by the state of the world…you name it. And yes, we are imperfect, there are many things that happen that are indeed wrong but if they are making me peaceless, then I need to check what it is in me that is allowing that to happen.

And when we do, we find that it is usually a lack of attainment within me. When I am full inside, I am not shaken. If we were to reflect on the times when we were truly happy, no matter what anyone said, we let it pass….we were so happy, we could have cared less. But when we are not, anything little can hurt, prick, annoy.

And often we look to fill ourselves up with the things of this world – status, fame, praise, money, possessions, respect from specific people etc. But we know deep inside that these are all temporary and be gone any day. The only true attainment comes from that which is eternal and that is God. He is Truth, He is unconditional, He is constant, He is eternal. When I connect with Him, He helps me realize who I am. That journey of realization returns me to my self-respect and puts an end to the search for respect outside. When I, the soul, return to my self-respect, I am content.

Sometimes, we wake up in the morning and even though everything appears normal around me, I seem to have everything anyone could want, I still have a sinking feeling in my heart, I feel heavy. That is all the burden of karma on the soul, the burden of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ – I am this, I am that, this is mine, that is mine, etc. We identify with so much when in fact, all I am is a soul, a child of God. When I return to that essence from the expansion, I feel light, calm and content. There is nothing missing because there is nothing I need.

Sometimes we see something wrong happen and we feel a sense of justice, an obligation to put it right by telling the person how what they are doing is wrong. When I do that with a ‘holier than thou’ mentality rather than love, when I do that from a sense of justice rather than compassion, I only make the situation worse. Hearts grow distant and the karma of a critical mind makes me discontent.

When I have all relationships with Baba and make Him my world, I fill myself. I stop thinking, seeing and minding others. I simply re-ignite my own light, focus on making it brighter each day and radiate it into the world. In doing so, I become a lighthouse to other wandering ships seeking the way back to shore.

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