Richest in the world

Baba says, ‘fill yourself up with all the treasures‘. He gives us all the same treasures equally and yet we all accumulate them at different levels.

While Baba gives us so many different treasures, He calls out a few ones mainly.

  1. Knowledge: through accumulating this treasure, I become free from bondage and attain liberation-in-life. When I understand the truth and realize it, I am able to let go of this old world and enable others to do the same.
  2. Remembrance: through this treasure, I fill myself with the spiritual powers such that I become unshakable and unmovable.
  3. Inculcation: through this, I am able to accumulate virtues which I then donate to others.
  4. Service: through this, I am able to accumulate blessings and happiness.

Then there is the present time, the confluence age: this time is auspicious, it is the time when we long lost souls meet our Father. It is only at this time that I can accumulate the treasures, He reminds us. At no other time can I do this, the bank doesn’t even exist, He says. But at this time, I can accumulate any treasure to any level. I can have it all. The more I accumulate, the better off I am for the whole cycle.

So, what are the ways to accumulate? Baba says, there are three ways by which we can accumulate the treasures.

  1. through my own effort of transformation- the easiest effort is to simply be merged in the love of the One. When I am hearing the knowledge, am I listening intently and merging every word from my Father, from my Beloved. Baba says, this is my love letter to you. When I sit in remembrance and throughout the day, am I merged in His love or am I simply churning the knowledge or remembering Him intellectually?
  2. by being content and making others content
  3. through service because when I serve others, I become happy.

The treasures, Baba says, are in the Murli every day but some children simply listen while some listen and then merge the treasures within themselves. In other words, they realize and imbibe. When I do that, it becomes part of my nature, my character and comes into use automatically in different situations. For spiritual treasures, using the treasure is the way to grow them, Baba says. The more I use, the more I accumulate and become an authority of experience. There isn’t a bigger authority, Baba reminds us because when I have an experience, no matter what anyone else says, I will remain unmoved…because I know, I’ve been there, I’ve tasted it.

So let me check: am I a listener or do I merge the treasures? If I merge, Baba says, it will be visible through my eyes, face and behavior. My face and behavior will make me look like a rose in full bloom. People will experience spirituality through my vision, happiness through the smile on my face and virtues through my every action.

I want nothing more than for each child to be completely full of all the treasures, says Baba. If I am lacking in any of the treasures, I will be like a partially filled pot, unstable and shaking. I will then seek it in the old world because that is what the mind and the intellect are used to doing.

Let me check today: do I have all the treasures? If I do, I am the richest in the world.

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