See but don’t see

Baba says, ‘practice seeing but not seeing‘. This is the iron aged world, there isn’t anything worth seeing, He says.

We come to Baba and listen daily to the elevated versions. We hear first hand Baba’s elevated vision for each of us and for the world. He describes in great detail who we truly are, our virtues, way of being. He talks about the golden aged world, the kingdom and how beautiful everyone and everything is. We leave the classroom on a high, carrying the dream in our heart and a twinkle in our eye…

..until we meet the first person at work or at the bus stand or the train station or…at home…and the dream comes crashing down.

‘Why do they behave the way they do?’, ‘but that’s just rude..’, ‘they are so….loud, manipulative, judgmental, critical, unfair, cunning, untrustworthy, selfish…..’. Then by the end of the day, our dream and twinkle change to a prayer, ‘Baba, when will the golden age come? we don’t want this old world anymore’.

Baba teaches us to adjust our expectations. If I expect golden age sanskars from iron aged humans, I will be disappointed and it won’t be anyone’s fault but mine. Instead, He says, ‘learn to see but not see’. Yes, indeed there are numerous things that are wrong in the world, but why do I let them affect my stage? why do I take sorrow? Learn to be a detached observer, knowing that this old world is on its way out. It is on the brink of transformation. The souls that are irritating me or being rude are my brothers and sisters but they are in the darkness of ignorance. They have not been introduced to our Father yet. Before I met Baba, I too was ignorant and body conscious.

I cannot change every person I meet. Baba says, this world tree has countless leaves. I cannot and neither is it my job to correct every soul. What I need to do instead is to make myself knowledgful and powerful. I need to look inside and using the power of silence, realize my original self. When each of us can do that, the golden age will automatically be ushered in. Each ignited lamp, Baba says, will ignite another lamp and then it will be the festival of lights.

And so, rather than see and hear the things of this old world and take sorrow from them, let me become soul conscious and spin the cycle of self-realization. Let me become the golden aged soul that helps usher in the golden aged world that I crave for.

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