Becoming a king or queen

Baba says, ‘those who make good effort become kings and queens, those who don’t become poor’. Knowledge is the source of income, He reminds us and remembrance gives me power and makes me healthy. When I have both knowledge and remembrance, I am able to bring about permanent, lasting transformation in the soul. That transformation shone through my eyes, face, behavior serves other souls, the world. I become a king or queen.

Kings and queens have a few distinguishing characteristics. They are souls with royal manners – they give, don’t take. They know who they are, they accept it and wear it well. They don’t waste time on trivial matters, they have big things to think about – like taking care of the world. They consider themselves as servers of their citizens, they are servant leaders. They demonstrate courage, stability, integrity, empathy among other virtues – they don’t crumble in the face of the first obstacle, they figure out a solution. They are not afraid to be first to bring about change. They speak and do what they think which is always in the interest of the world. They understand where others are coming from and give them elbow room to figure things out, they don’t punish or judge.

Baba is teaching us to be kings and queens, again. He reminds us that we were that before, we then forgot who we were as we fell prey to Ravan (the vices) and lost our world. Remember, He says. Do you remember your world as it was originally? Do you remember yourself as you were originally? Do you see the trees of that golden world?

This is the effort- being able to see it, taste it. Because when I do, I will never want anything of this old world, transformation becomes easy.

Becoming a king or queen is about the kingdom of my own mind, intellect and sanskars. Am I able to control what goes in and out and rule there? Do I have the thoughts that I choose or does my mind rule over me by creating random thoughts of its choice? Is my intellect powerful enough to discern right from wrong? Are my sanskars king like, royal?

If I am able to control and rule my inner world, then I am truly a king or queen. If not, I am indeed poor – living at the mercy of the events in the drama. If things go well, I am happy, else, I am sad. If others approve of me, I feel good, else I feel worthless. I live in fear and insecurity and work constantly to control my external possessions that I depend on to define me. I am a slave to people, material comforts and facilities. I don’t have a true identity of my own, I don’t belong to myself or to anyone.

That is an extremely sad and indeed, poor way to live my life especially at this time when God is here. He has come especially for me, to remind me of who I am, that I belong to Him, that I am His child. He says, you are My princes and princesses, why do you insist on living like a beggar?

Realize and accept your reality. That is the first step to transformation, to regaining my self-respect, my worth and true identity. He is telling me who I am, let me accept it and start behaving that way. Now is the only time to bring about change within the soul and this effort is what sets me up for the whole cycle.

It is a choice. Do I want to make effort in this one, short birth and become a king or queen for the whole cycle? or am I satisfied being poor?

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