Baba says, ‘you have now become sensible‘. For half a cycle, the vices had made us insensible or unaware of who we are and Whom we belong to. We became orphans and bankrupt having lost everything – our health, wealth, happiness, relationships.

At the end of the cycle, at this auspicious confluence age, Baba comes and reminds us of who we are and that we belong to Him. He tells us about the beginning, middle and end of the cycle – the story of the inheritance He had given us – the golden aged world where peace was the only religion, where sorrow did not exist, where there was equality and harmony in relationships, where respect was natural. It was heaven…then, mid-way through the cycle, we lost it. Now, at the end of the cycle, we have to re-claim it again.

To be able to reclaim it, Baba says, I have to understand what changed mid-way through the cycle that made me fall prey to the vices and lose the inheritance.

I forgot who I was. I now have to remember.

Baba asks, ‘do you still have one foot in the iron age, the old world?‘ Baba tells us the story of the cycle every day so that it sits firmly in our intellect. And yet, we forget. We allow ourselves to be drawn into the hollow pomp of the old world- its bright lights, its artificial respect, its reverence for status and position. We try to fit in.

Baba says, you lost everything you had to this world and yet if you still want to be part of it, what does that make you? Is it sensible?

Baba comes to liberate us from this old world, from its ropes, its jails where we were languishing as orphans. Let me take His hand and walk out into freedom, into self-respect, into soul consciousness. Let me remember that which He is reminding me of. Let me once again become that which I know I once was and still have within me. Let me awaken from the deep sleep of ignorance and by flicking on the switch of knowledge, walk into liberation-in-life.

This is the only time in the entire cycle that I get to make this decision and it is one that charts my course for the whole cycle – do I want to stay in the old world or do I want to join in God’s task to create the new world. Only if I create the new world do I get to live in it. Only at this time, do I see and know of the full cycle – I see the contrast between the world now and how it was and will be again. Only now does God come and give us this knowledge and His companionship….let me take it.

To bring the new world, all I have to do, Baba says, is remember.

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