Bound by the Drama

Baba says, ‘I am the Purifier, I teach you children the method to become pure ‘. Many people think God can do whatever He wants including bringing the dead back to life. I don’t do that, He clarifies. I too am bound by the rules of the Drama.

Starting at the beginning of the Copper Age, we fall prey to the vices forgetting who we are. We start to fight each other, wage wars, destroy peace. We lose our sense of identity and therefore our sense of security and try to find it in props- job, position, status, relationships, material comforts etc. We start to do everything wrong and end up both giving and taking sorrow.

And so some children ask Baba why He doesn’t come right at the start of the descent during the Copper Age and stop it. Baba says, ‘it is not my time then. I come when it is my time to come in the Drama‘. He comes now, at the end of the cycle, at this Confluence Age to establish the religion of peace and the kingdom of heaven.

Even at this time, when He is here, there are many false gods, self-proclaimed holy men and gurus who deceive innocent souls into following them so they can make a living out of it. Baba says, ‘I cannot stop it‘. That is not His job. He comes to purify His children, those that recognize Him as He is. To purify us, He reminds us of who we are, gives His own introduction and the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle.

He doesn’t interfere in the workings of the Drama, He understands it and aligns with it accurately. He is the only Soul that is always in realization, He never forgets. He therefore doesn’t question every scene, battle it, sulk about it or try to correct it.

When I really reflect on the cycle, I realize that indeed, God doesn’t have to interfere or change scenes in the Drama, dole out justice in any situation, bring back the dead or any of that, the laws of karma take care of that….it’s built in. We each reap the effects of what we sow.

And so, what God helps me with is understanding those laws of karma, the difference between good and bad karma such that I choose my thoughts, words and actions carefully. He is not here to wave a magic wand and stop disasters or make something go away or rewind something to bring it back. He is here to educate me, to remind me so that I transform myself from the inside. His knowledge and remembrance purifies the soul, His love is the alchemy that heals and transforms. That is His Almightiness. That is why His is the most important part in the Drama- because He transforms the whole world from hell to heaven by transforming us souls, His children.

Baba says, I come at the end of the cycle in a tamopradhan (degraded) world in an ordinary body. Only a few amongst a few recognize Me and realize Me as I am. I play My part just as you play yours. I am bound by the Drama just as you are. We meet and have scenes together only at this time in the cycle. You become my companions in my task, He says.

At the end of this cycle of 84 births, of 5000 years, I meet God and not just that, I play my part directly alongside Him. He is inextricably linked to my destiny by being bound by the Drama to purify me and help me transform. As I do, I become just like Him.

Come to think of it, ain’t so bad after all, this Drama….

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