Don’t stumble

Baba says, ‘there is the kingdom of Ram ( God) and the kingdom of Ravan (vices)‘. My children will follow my Shrimat (elevated directions) and others who don’t recognize Me will continue to follow the directions of Ravan (operate based on the vices), He says.

For the first half of the cycle, there was Ramrajya (the kingdom of God), then for the second half, we fell prey to the vices and the world became Ravanrajya. Baba is here now to transform the world from hell to heaven, from Ravanrajya to Ramrajya, once again.

In bhakti (devotion), people worship their favorite deity or saint. They do it at home but they also go to the temples, churches, mosques etc. If you asked them why they don’t just worship at home, they say ‘but the temple is the place of worship‘. Baba asks, ‘do you have to remember the deity or the temple?‘. That is the characteristic of bhakti – it makes souls stumble. We go from temple to church to mosque to please the gods and goddesses. We spend time and money on treacherous pilgrimages, we observe fasts and do vigorous penance among other things – all trying to ‘impress’ the deity. And if we don’t get what we prayed for, we lose faith and switch to another deity or saint!

This is what marks Ravanrajya, forgetting myself and my Father and therefore stumbling as I search.

We don’t know anything about our self or God until He Himself comes at this auspicious Confluence Age and reminds us. He gives us His introduction and reminds us of who we are- peaceful, divine beings. His children, we belong to Him.

Have I accepted this truth and deeply internalized it? If I have, I no longer act based on the sanskars of bhakti, which is to say, the way of Ravan.

Sometimes, I try really hard for something such as a job but the harder I try, it seems the further away it goes. Do I trust Baba and realize that maybe this isn’t the right thing for me or the right time and therefore let it go? or do I throw a tantrum, wring my hands, cry and call out to Baba and demand, ‘why can’t you hear me?‘, ‘why can’t you do anything?‘ or do I knock on the doors of the people I believe to be influential to try and see if perhaps they can help me out, do unnatural things to get in the good graces of the boss?

Do I have faith in Baba’s love for me and trust His judgment? If so, I remain content no matter what happens in the Drama. I am able to detach myself from its scenes even while right in the midst of them. I don’t draw my self-worth from external accomplishments, from outcomes. I don’t try to coerce the Drama to get what I want. I find my worth and peace within. I find it by staying connected to myself i.e. remembering who I am and staying connected to my Father. Otherwise, I continue to beg and pray and complain, I continue to run from pillar to post trying to please and impress. In other words, I still operate based on the sanskars of bhakti and become what Baba refers to as a ‘gyani bhagat‘ (a knowledgful devotee).

Isn’t it a wonder, Baba asks, that despite burning Ravan’s effigy every year, he keeps coming back!

I am at the Confluence now- on the one side is Ravan’s old kingdom and on the other side is Ram’s new kingdom that He is establishing. I can see both. Baba as the Boatman is taking me across the river from one side to the other. Let me trust Him and keep my sight firmly on the new world. Let me not be tempted to jump off the boat every time there is a little wind or storm to swim over to the old world. We know from half a cycle of experience – there’s nothing there but stumbling.

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