The Comforter of hearts

Baba says, ‘I am Dilaram (the Comforter of Hearts)‘. Only keep Me in your heart, He says. When I do, I feel light and happy. If I don’t have the Father in my heart, then I have the matters of this world sitting there. They only make me feel heavy and tired.

The more ties I have in this physical world – with people, with jobs, roles, positions, status, possessions etc.- the more burdened I am. I always have something to think of, worry about, take care of…whatever. I am so busy chasing after perishable, temporary attainments here that I forget to accumulate the imperishable attainments of peace, love, happiness, knowledge, power that all come from my connecting to my true self and from the companionship of God.

Whom do you have on your heart-throne, asks Baba? If you have worldly matters seated on the throne, then you won’t find me there, He says. I have to choose.

Yes, I have to shoulder my responsibilities but let me prioritize. How much do I need here? If I am always entangled in these responsibilities, then I have no time to study the knowledge that Baba is giving me only at this time in the cycle. Without understanding the knowledge, I cannot connect with myself or with Him. When I don’t connect I don’t feel His love or discover my own power- then I search for it in the world outside and think that I need to accumulate more things out there to feel better. It is a vicious cycle.

If I feel discontent, empty inside, like there is something missing then it means I am not experiencing God’s love.His love is the alchemy that transforms the soul. It mends the broken heart of half the cycle. We come to Him broken – fearful, wary, not trusting. Even when we know intellectually that He is God, that He is always with me, I still doubt…’will He really be with me always?’, ‘will He really catch me when I fall?’. We might sometimes say things like, ‘I am not worried, Baba will take care..’ but in our heart, we are not entirely sure. Maybe He won’t show up…

But He always does.

I need to build within me, the soul, that faith and trust in Him. I need to open myself up to His love. Only then can I be healed, comforted. That will happen when I ensure I spend time with Him, as much as I can in a day. Let me read His Murlis, engage in sweet conversation with Him while walking and moving around, tell Him what’s in my heart- fears and all. Let me put Him back on my heart-throne, let me make Him the central part of my world. I’ll find then that He takes care of all my responsibilities, that He carries my burdens.

Remembrance begets remembrance, love begets love. Only His love can heal the soul. He says, Manmanabhav…belong to Me in your mind. When I do, the pain disappears, the doubts evaporate and I feel like the king of the world.

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