Happiness, my ticket to the new world

Baba says, ‘always keep the aim and the destination in your awareness‘. When I do, I will always be happy.

Happiness is the great nourishment for the soul. Never give it up, not for anything, says Baba. Along with purity, happiness is what makes me eligible for the golden aged world that Baba is establishing right now. Many think that we will automatically be happy when we go to the golden age. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. I have to learn to be happy here, make happiness a permanent sanskar here…and then the golden age will be ushered in automatically.

Happiness comes from being content and we often, naively, seek contentment in this old world. We seek it from people’s approval of us, from outcomes of our projects, from relationships. But to win approval and get preferred outcomes in this world, we often have to hustle, influence and compromise on our original values. Deep down that makes me uncomfortable, eats away at my peace but I do it anyway because I believe that’s how I become content and happy.

We are working off of half a cycle of conditioning that respect and happiness comes from outside myself – from people, from outcomes. One of the first lessons Baba teaches us is that to be able to respect myself, I have to be myself. Its not what I do, its who I am. He comes to remind me, let me remember.

I am at the Confluence, in the middle. I can see the old world and the people there working hard to make it big, to fit in and I get drawn into thinking I should do the same. Baba says, that is not your aim. Your aim is to become pure and come into the the new world. Why then, He asks, do you distract yourself and wander into the alleyways of this old world? When I do that, I inevitably lose my way and time before I find my way back.

Baba teaches me to shift my vision to the new world, the real world. He reminds me how it is really supposed to be. He asks me to forget all the acquired false sanskars and emerge my real, true sanskars. I was a pure divine being…I have to be that again. That is my aim, the golden age is my destination. Let me always have this in my awareness.

What I am studying now is for the new world. Let me not spend any more time and energy learning how to fit into this old, dirty world. Yes, that means I may not move up that corporate ladder, it may mean that I don’t become as rich and famous, I may not get my ideas accepted. It may seem unjust, hard and the temptation to compromise and go back to the old ways of manipulation, cunning and politics may be high. Baba says, ‘don’t chase after perishable attainments at the expense of your imperishable happiness‘. Those are the alleyways. Let me not sabotage my self-respect and dignity and then search for it outside in the world.

Look around‘, Baba says, ‘this old world has become a graveyard‘. Let me not be foolish enough to want to build my palace on it. Let me instead focus my attention completely on helping God in the task of transforming this graveyard into a garden of flowers. Let me study what He is teaching me, let me take His guidance at every step and move forward on the path He is showing me.

When I do that, I will respect myself, find contentment in this very discontent world and true happiness in this very unhappy world. I will step into the golden aged world from the confluence.

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