Make your determination strong

Baba says, ‘make your determination strong‘. Determination leads to success. It’s not that you don’t have determination, it just weakens when you are faced with a situation, He says.

The key might be in what is driving my determination?

Baba sets a high standard and we want to meet it. He says, ‘be loving to all’ and we feel determined to be because He wants me to. Is that good enough to stay determined? If we were to reflect on the times we changed something in us, we’d find that it was always when we ourselves realized why that change was important to us. I’ve either seen or experienced the consequences of doing it a different way and now I feel determined to bring change. On the other hand, we’d find that the times we tried to change a habit only because someone asked us to do it…we likely didn’t meet with as much success. That’s because the effort lacks power…the power of realization which drives the power of determination. So yes, ‘Shrimat says…‘ but have I realized as well?

Also, change isn’t about going down a list and checking off boxes- be loving, be caring, don’t be angry…..Instead, it is about shifting my consciousness from being a body to being a soul. It is about connecting with my true self and with God. When I do, the rest falls in place automatically. But the issue is that we keep getting disconnected and the determination is to keep connecting back until I master the art of staying connected…constantly.

In addition to self-progress, another great motivation is when I realize that my transformation helps not just me but many, many souls in the world. Baba says, ‘you are on the world stage‘. Each day, I come into contact with many souls, each in a different mind-frame- perhaps someone is worried about a sick parent, someone about their mortgage, someone else feels stuck in a bad job or has a dilemma…. we often don’t know. How I show up in my interactions with them goes a LONG way in how they feel- maybe they hear what they needed to hear, maybe they feel listened to, maybe they needed a kind shoulder, maybe they just wanted to be left alone. If my motivation is to serve, then I will find the determination to transform myself because my existence is the greatest service.

And motivation is the key word. Let me be careful such that my determination is based on motivation and its not that I am simply driven. When I am motivated, I reach out to partner– with myself, with God, with the Drama. When I am driven, I can become harsh, impatient with myself and harden. Then I become deflated when I fumble, when I don’t make it the first few times rather than re-calibrate, discuss it with God. And so let me balance determination with gentleness, patience and kindness…to myself.

You are never alone‘, Baba reminds us again and again. I am your Father and that does not change through the whole cycle and especially now, it is the confluence. It is the age when we are combined, He says. Let me take His hand and with determination based on self-realization, continue to move forward. Onward!

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