Return journey

Baba says, ‘may you be soul conscious‘. It was what we were at the beginning, it is what we have to be at the end. We are on the journey.

There are four subjects in this study and they are all necessary on my journey back to soul consciousness. Most people know that we are more than just a body, that we are a soul. But it is a whole different thing to realize what it means to operate as one.

Baba comes to remind us of who we are. Each morning, He explains in great detail what it means to be a soul. Most of us intellectually understand the knowledge and even explain it to others but that does not mean that we are in that consciousness. Knowledge opens up the soul, it helps dust off the cobwebs and dispel the darkness of ignorance.

But with just knowledge, I will not have the power to transform. For that I need remembrance of the One, the powerhouse, the reference point. Baba is constantly soul-conscious, He is constantly in realization. Remembering Him reminds me how to be. His love heals past wounds incurred through body conscious acts and transforms. I emerge my spiritual powers and arm myself as I navigate the world.

Transformation though happens with quality remembrance and that depends upon how I spend my day. If I have been negative or critical or been under the influence of any of the many vices, then when I sit in remembrance, those actions or feelings will be what I remember. They will make it hard to concentrate constantly pulling me away from connecting with my peace.

Hence Baba also talks daily about the importance of inculcating divine virtues. He talks about manners, the way to be. The more I am able to manage my thoughts, words and actions throughout the day and stay under the influence of the virtues, the better I feel, the more powerful my remembrance and connection with myself and God. That in turn helps with the inculcation. It is a virtuous cycle.

When I inculcate the virtues and bring them into my practical life, that is service. Baba says, anyone can explain the knowledge but a truly knowledgful soul is one who serves through their virtues and specialties. Service doesn’t mean organizing big programs or speeches or workshops. It means showing up in every scene of life, in every interaction as my true, original self. That inevitably gives an experience to other souls that inspires them to transform. When I am soul conscious, my vision, face and behavior all reveal the Father.

And so, in this journey, let me learn to balance all four subjects- knowledge, remembrance, inculcation of virtues and service. They are all necessary in helping me reach my destination or shall we say, return to my origin – the consciousness of being a soul.

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