Spiritual intoxication is the mirror of faith

Baba says, ‘the sign of faith is intoxication’. Spiritual intoxication is the mirror of faith, He says. And if I have this intoxication, I will always be happy. It will be shone through my eyes, the smile on my face and in my behavior. And when I am happy, I am always safe from Maya.

There are four kinds of intoxications, Baba says. Even if I have any one of these in my practical life, I will be a happy, carefree emperor, He says. These are:

  1. I am a bodiless soul: All are souls but have you reflected on what kind of a soul you are?, asks Baba. If I do, I will experience intoxication. I am no ordinary soul.
    1. I am one who has recognized God. He comes at this confluence age in an ordinary body when the world is swarming with false gods and gurus and yet, I recognized Him.
    2. I am a hero actor in this unlimited drama. My part spans the entire cycle.
    3. I am a soul that has direct relationship with God. I relate to Him directly.
    4. I am a soul with divine qualities, I become a support to the whole world.
    5. I am a tapasvi soul, mine is One Baba and none other.
    6. I sacrifice all the vices in the sacrificial fire of remembrance and give myself the tilak of self-sovereignty.
    7. My transformation inspires many, many others to do the same. My very being reveals the Father introducing many souls to their inheritance.
    8. I am a soul that gives the message of the Father with all my brothers and sisters.
    9. I am a soul that through my transformation becomes like the Father.
  2. this alokik confluence aged life: This is the most auspicous time of the cycle. God Himself comes to meet His children, to give His introduction, to transform the world.
    1. I study the spiritual knowledge at this time, my Teacher is God Himself. This student life is the best life.
    2. I see the old, iron aged world on one side and the new, golden aged world as it is being established on the other. I can see and appreciate the contrast only at this time.
    3. God is responsible for me – He wakes me up every morning and is with me at every step right till the moment I say ‘good night’.
    4. I experience every relationship with God- He is my Father, Teacher, Satguru, my Friend, my Beloved….my world.
    5. He nourishes me, He teaches me, He guides me and His love is the alchemy that heals and transforms the soul. He helps me remember who I really am.
    6. I live my life under His canopy of protection.
  3. the angelic stage: I start out as a serviceable soul, an apprentice to God and as I learn from the Master and hone my skills, I become the angel.
    1. I am the helper of God, His companion.
    2. I live in this world and yet I am detached from its gross and subtle chains of greed and attachment.
    3. I perform every task in the consciousness of an angel- detached and loving. When I am done, I detach and return to my seat next to God.
    4. I don’t criticize, I learn to reconcile.
    5. I don’t wait for applause or praise after I’ve done something, I leave.
    6. I do everything for God, in His remembrance. If it is not for Him, for His task, it is not for me.
    7. I serve through my being, my existence- my every thought, word, feeling, action is pure, filled with good-will and blessings for all.
    8. I radiate good-wishes and pure feelings wherever I go. I am an instrument that transforms the atmosphere even though no one may realize how it happened.
  4. of the future: I am helping Baba create the future golden aged world.
    1. I will live in the golden aged world that I am helping create.
    2. The future, new world will be a land of happiness and prosperity where everyone respects everyone and peace is the only religion.
    3. The future world will be one where there will be ignorance of sorrow.
    4. It will be a world where no one will need anything from anyone else. Everyone is self-sufficient.
    5. It will be a world where the arts will be in full splendor.
    6. It will be heaven, so beautiful that it cannot be described in words and artists have been unable to paint it.
    7. It will be a world where everyone is naturally soul-conscious, there is therefore no sign of Maya.
    8. It is a world that God establishes for us children with our help. Even the wealthiest physical father might gift a child a throne but only my Father gifts me the entire world.
    9. It will be a garden of flowers, paradise

Now, bring any one of these four types of intoxication into your practical life, says Baba. The reason that my old sanskars (traits) haven’t yet changed or the reason I don’t experience happiness despite having faith is because I have allowed the intoxication of my elevated life, my elevated part, my elevated destiny to simply stay as points in my intellect. I now need to bring it into my feelings, my experience. When I do, I will dance in joy, I will let go of all my old sanskars and become free of waste and worry.

I know who I am, now Baba says, I have to be it.

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