Become a cloud that showers

Baba says, ‘you are the clouds that shower‘. If a cloud does not shower, then what is the use, He asks.

Baba speaks new points every day to His students. Baba speaks about the inverted tree- at the beginning of the cycle is the religion God establishes, the religion of peace. By the time we get to the middle of the cycle, we forget who we are and slowly there are many religions that spring up. By the end of the cycle, there are more religions, sects, mutts and beliefs than anyone can count. The tree is so tall and wide.

Talking about the cycle, He points out that this eternal cycle by its very nature continues to turn. It is an eternal drama, can never be destroyed. There cannot be a question of ‘when did the cycle start?’. A circle does not have a start, its circular. In the Golden age, we are pure and virtuous. It is called a garden, now the same world has degraded into a jungle of thorns where sorrow reigns. We are now returning back to the garden- by transforming from thorns into flowers.

This cycle should be in our intellects, says Baba. We have been through this cycle countless times. And so let me be wise and look at my part in the full drama or the full cycle as opposed to looking at these few final scenes in isolation. When we do that we incorrectly conclude that the Drama is bad, that we don’t like out part…we need to remember the full story. When you are feeling low, simply sit in front of the cycle, says Baba. It will refresh you.

Now we are at the confluence- the age of meeting and contrast. It is now that I finally meet my Supreme Father, it is the meeting of God Himself with His long lost and now found children. We had been separated for the duration of the cycle…we meet at this auspicious confluence age of the end and the new beginning. On the one hand I see the old world I live in and on the other hand I see the new world I am helping God establish. I see the jungle and I see the garden. I see the false, the masks, the labels, the assessments…the expansion even as I set forth on my spiritual return journey back to the essence. I see devotion even as I learn the knowledge from God, my Teacher. I see the world immersed in the darkness of ignorance even as I flick on the light of knowledge. I see wandering even as I learn to remember.

He says, ‘now fill yourself with these jewels of knowledge and shower them wherever you go‘. Let me adorn myself with these jewels which is to say, imbibe these points of knowledge in my intellect, the virtues in my behavior and wear the happiness as a smile on my face. When others see me fly this way, Baba says, they will be inspired to fly too. They will be inspired to claim their inheritance too.

This is spiritual service, the rest is physical.

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