It is an old world

Baba says, ‘forget this old world, it is now time to go back home‘. He finds us lost, wandering in the darkness of ignorance searching for light- of identity, of belonging, of purpose. The first thing He does when He comes, therefore, is to flick on the switch of knowledge to dispel the darkness.

He reminds us of who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do. He explains the secrets of the cycle – the beginning , middle and end. He tells me about the world He had created when I was free, reminds me that I lost that world, that inheritance to the vices and slid my way downward from there.

We are now at the end of the cycle and the world has become old. At this point, souls have forgotten their true identity- that of being a pure, divine being and instead think of themselves as a body. We have become entangled in myriad webs of deception – that status matters, that who I know matters, that degrees matter, that money matters, that social standing matters etc. We therefore spend time chasing after those things which ironically take away the very contentment and happiness for which we long.

We are on a daily basis met with manipulation, betrayal, let-downs, malice, rage, anger, cunning, selfishness and many other traits that bring us sorrow. We usually react by being stunned by it, throwing up our hands and sighing about what the world has come to. We complain, wee sulk, we cry, we feel cheated. Then…we try to figure out our response to the situation, what do I need to do now to still get my desired outcome bu somehow outmatching or overcoming the other’s deception.

That is, however, not Baba’s way.

Why are you constantly surprised, Baba asks. This is an old world…when a home starts to get old, it starts to show its wear and tear. The paint starts to come off even when it is a year or couple years old. We are talking about an OLD world that’s been around a VERY LONG time. Yes, there are several cracks and burst pipes and termites and holes in the floor and the roof has almost caved in. That’s how it works.

Baba says, the world is so old now, it needs to be re-built completely. That’s why He’s here, He’s told me that already. In fact, He has enlisted my help toward this task of transformation. When I forget this truth and get caught up in the wears and tears of this old, rickety world, I feel sorrow over the ‘state of the house’ and what’s worse, I waste precious time trying to ‘fix’ it – I try to correct others. When I inevitably fail at it, I decide I have no choice but to follow their methods if I have to survive- so I use cunning, influence, pressure and other tactics to get my way (which I feel righteous about). In other words, I try to secure my room in this same, old, broken down house.

Isn’t that crazy how the mind works when it forgets?

Let me listen to and remember what Baba is telling me. There is a time to repaint and repair and then there comes a time when it is better to re-build completely. The latter works better, at this time. Forget what others are doing…yes, it will mean I might lose out on what I think are fruitful outcomes but that’s okay. Those so called fruitful outcomes were me trying to secure that room. Let me be brave enough, faithful enough to let go knowing that Baba will never let me lose out what’s rightfully mine. He is building a whole new world, a new home for me. It’s going to be the way it was at the very beginning- full of newness, happiness, peace and prosperity. Let me prepare myself to live there, my return trip home so to speak, rather than try to fit into the old.

Let me surrender my mind completely to His task of world transformation, of this re-creation. I do that by transforming myself- my thinking, my habits, my ways. Yes, it is going against the current powerful negative tide of this old world but Baba is with me. He more than makes up for my lack of strength or courage. If I make a mistake, He will help rectify it.

All I need is faith and surrender.

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