Establishment, then destruction.

Baba says, ‘destruction will only take place after establishment‘. The old world will be destroyed as soon as the new world is established. And so the answer to the question of, ‘when will destruction happen?’ depends on the ones who are doing the work of establishment… and me.

Most of us are tired of this old world and its old ways, we want out. We want to return to a world where there is 100% peace, happiness and prosperity. We have had enough of the sorrow, the pain, the heart-ache, the betrayals. So we tell Baba, ‘please take us away from this world of sorrow….’. Baba responds with a question, ‘are you ready to leave?’.

While on the one hand I cannot wait to leave, on the other hand, I find myself entangled in so many webs of attachment. I hang on tight to ‘my’ point of view on things, ‘my’ ideas, ‘my’ family, ‘my’ house, ‘my’ job. I still keep chasing after that promotion – want to get it by hook or crook! I still want to invest in a second home, have a long list of things I want to do or need to do. When I am hanging on so tight to the old world, how can I possibly leave for the new?

Baba is ready. He is waiting on me.

The new world of peace will not be a different place on another planet. This same world of ours was new and then becomes old…then new again. Here’s what else….you and I have to make it new again. We have to re-build the world – through our own transformation. The more I rebel or battle against the old world, the more I get sucked in. Instead, let me spend my time and energy in preparing myself for the new world I want to live in.

Let me check if I listen to the Murli every morning with attention- it is the treasure trove of information I need for my task. It has the blue-print from the Chief Architect, Baba, and instructions for us builders on how we do each little thing. It has maps, insights, tips & tricks, everything I need. What I need to do is imbibe each point such that it becomes part of my natural nature. When I do that, by definition, I am destroying the old.

While knowledge opens me up, remembrance is the fiery furnace wherein I mold myself. It’s where I develop the strength, the faith, the courage to transform, to imbibe. Its the fire where the alloy melts away as I transform into pure gold.

When I show up each day a little bit ahead in my transformation than I was the day before, I inspire someone else to change too. And slowly but surely, I become an instrument of world transformation, of establishment.

Then, destruction of the old is merely a welcome consequence.

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