A child claims the inheritance

Baba says, ‘when you become the child, you claim a right to the inheritance‘. Parents usually will their property and wealth to their children, not to strangers. They invest in the child, teach her to walk, read & write, manners….they nourish her, build her up to be a strong individual. In some cases, the child also carries on in the family profession or the business.

This too is a family, Baba says. This is an unlimited family. I am your Supreme Father. Have I accepted that and do I fulfill that relationship?

Often times, when we are faced with a choice or a decision, we hear different voices in our head. We might think of a friend or an expert to consult with which of course adds to the voices and opinions.

When I operate in the consciousness of being a body, I live in a world of expansion- many responsibilities, attachments, relations, position etc. that I have to juggle and often hold myself accountable to. I am entangled in my own self-created web.

When I am in the consciousness of a soul, then I have no bondages, attachments or responsibilities. I am simply a child of God. He is responsible for me. He is Whom I have all my relationships with – He is my Father, my Teacher who tells me right from wrong and my Guru who offers guidance at every step. He is also my Friend, my Confidante, my Companion. He is all in One. And so when something comes up in the Drama, I am able to detach myself and simply consult with Him- with One instead of with many. I hear only one voice clearly in my mind, not many.

I know what I need to do.

Let me check today- who or which voice has the most influence on the soul? Is it my voice that has been corrupted through conditioning over many births. Is it the voice of the world that loves to box me, label me and judge? Or is it God’s voice? He is the only One who truly knows me as I am. He knows the beginning, middle and end of my story. He knows what is good for me. He truly loves me and wants what’s best for me. Most of us know this intellectually but let me check if I have the faith to follow. Have I truly surrendered my mind and intellect to Him? Or do I still feel the need to check with that one other person…just to be sure…

Can I be the child that implicitly and completely trusts the parent? Can I be faithful and trusting, no matter what? There will be times I don’t hear His response when I have a question or perhaps don’t feel His presence but He is right there. A child never doubts the parent’s love for it, there is instead a feeling that I have a right to everything my parents have. I BELIEVE that I am the apple of their eye. I KNOW that they are always here for me.

Baba says, when you can be a child that considers Me your One strength and One support, you will be able to experience and thereby claim a right to everything that is Mine. You will experience My companionship in every step.

This is the Confluence of the Father and His long lost children.

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