The gift of heaven

Baba says, ‘heaven has not been established yet, this world is currently hell‘. Many souls have an incorrect understanding of what heaven is, where it exists and who resides there.

Most think heaven is somewhere ‘up above’, that it is a different world. They think it’s where souls who lived their life ‘religiously’ go to after death. They say, so and so has left for their ‘heavenly abode’ or say so and so has become a ‘swargvasi‘ (resident of heaven).

Baba says, ‘heaven has not established yet‘. He clarifies that heaven is not a different world or place somewhere else in the universe or up above. This very world we live in was once heaven, it has now degraded and become hell. Baba has come to transform hell into heaven again. He is doing it with our help..when we become pure completely, we usher in heaven.

Some others, specifically the wealthy, think that the world is heaven for them and hell only for the poor. Baba says, there is no such thing. The world is either heaven or hell, the two cannot co-exist. It is heaven for half the cycle when we were pure and virtuous and then hell when we fall prey to the vices and become impure. Right now, this world is hell…for everyone.

Another popular misconception is that heaven is a place where God resides along with fairies and other ‘smaller’ gods and goddesses. Baba says, there is only One God and I am incorporeal. I do not have a human form. No human can be called God. Second of all, He says, ‘I am your Father‘. Wouldn’t we live together in the same home? Why would I live in heaven and have my children suffer in hell? He says, I live in the soul world which is certainly ‘up above’. It is a world beyond the sun and stars. It is our home. You come to this physical world to play your part in the Drama. Then..the world was new, it was heaven. What is new must become old, heaven becomes hell. It is then that I come to purify you children and take you back home with Me. You then come back once again to a new world, heaven. The cycle repeats.

Baba says, I don’t even come to heaven even though I create it…I am not needed there where everyone is happy and everything is in order. I am remembered only in sorrow. I come when the world I created becomes old and impure and needs to be re-made again. That is why I am called The ‘Heavenly GodFather’ because I create heaven…not because I live in it.

Baba says, now you children have to become true ‘swargvasis‘ or residents of heaven. Through the knowledge He gives us, His love and His remembrance, we transform from thorns into roses, from impure to pure, from vicious to virtuous, from residents of hell into the masters of heaven. That is His magic, that is His Almightiness. He doesn’t live in heaven ‘up above’ looking down on us and judging our actions. He lives with us, right here, in this impure world when we need Him the most helping us regain our lost identity, our lost inheritance.

Heaven is His gift to me.

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