Remain peaceful

Baba says, ‘remain peaceful‘. Many souls think we are at peace when we are not at war. Baba says, that is very superficial…peace is the religion of the soul. Unless I am feeling peaceful inside, there can be no peace outside.

The spiritual work of this time is to remain at peace even while living in the midst of extreme unrest and peacelessness in the world. There are events that occur daily- at both the macro and micro level that cause unrest. The news, no matter what part of the world, is hardly ever good on most days. As we read it or listen to it or watch it, without us knowing, it has an impact on the consciousness. It can trigger sorrow, rage, anger, disillusionment, desire…any number of emotions. While we may not realize it that moment, we find ourselves short on patience that day or just feeling low and we wonder why…

At a micro level too, there are a number of things that can trigger unrest. Just walking from one end of the street to the other, I pass by a person, a certain house or a corner or a food store and each one of them can trigger a memory or the smells can trigger a certain emotion.

The question is who is controlling whom? Am I allowing the scenes of the Drama to control what and how I feel? or am I the master of my own mind?

Let me realize deeply that I am the creator of my own thoughts. Sure, something outside might trigger a thought, but it is my decision to engage with it or nip it in the bud. It often not the first thought that’s important, it’s what I do with it that’s important.

I see someone and immediately my mind brings up memories of my interaction with them from the past and I get lost in that spiral. I then see them through the lens of my past experience and that colors my current and future interactions with them. I overhear something or even see two people speaking and immediately my mind launches into..’wonder if they are talking about me..’. Someone gives me feedback and I think, ‘who me? I bet so and so told her false stories about me..’

My own ego and paranoia play a huge role in the way I think or feel.

Sometimes, it isn’t someone or something, it is a past memory that pops up when I am sitting quietly. It could be a good or bad memory and if I engage, it eats up so much time without me even realizing it.

Baba says, ‘transform waste into essenceful’. This is usually a two-pronged approach.

Let me observe the thoughts that come up on the screen of the mind and actively decide whether to engage or not. This requires alertness and determination. Baba says, often times, you do check and see that it is an improper thought but are unable to change it because your determination weakens at that moment. So, let me strengthen my determination through remembrance and by spinning the cycle of self-realization. Doing so reminds me of who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do and gives me the power to decide which thoughts, words and actions are becoming of me vs. not.

The second part is to simultaneously fill myself up with positive, elevated thoughts. The daily Murli is a treasure trove of the most elevated thoughts that come from God’s mind. Let me make it a habit to revise the Murli by taking time throughout the day so that it is always top of mind for me. When I place a glass of dirty water under the tap of pure running water, the dirty water automatically gets washed out.

Peace is my birthright, it is my religion. Let me not look for it or worse, fight for it outside. If I want peace in the world, it starts with me becoming peaceful inside.

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