I am so lucky

Baba says, ‘you are so lucky, all you have to do is remember‘. Out there, souls are desperate for a place in the world, for meaning, for belonging. They go to many different lengths to find it.

Many search for God and they believe they will find Him through penance, through perilous journeys to high mountain tops, through dips in ‘holy’ rivers, by following tough rituals. They spend a lot of money and put in a lot of energy and effort to try to impress God, to seek His blessings and some for just a glimpse of Him. They think that is the purpose of their life and that His glimpse will mean salvation.

Worship, Baba says, does not lead anyone to Me. There are so many misconceptions and opinions about Me. Only I can give my own introduction and I do it at this Confluence Age. Only a few recognize Me and understand Me as I am and what I do. Only a few relate to Me.

Many convince themselves that life is about enjoying oneself sensually – eat, drink and be merry. So they are always seeking different various ways to feel that sensual high, fleeting as it may be. It inevitably brings sorrow, a feeling of emptiness deep down and a lack of fulfillment.

Then there are others who believe that to belong, one has to ‘be something’ in this world – a president of something, a winner of something, someone with a special talent or skill, ‘mom of the year’ etc. And we pour all our physical and mental resources into becoming that. Then, we do everything we have to in order to protect that image we’ve created…that’s who we think we are. If that image or identity breaks, then what is left….

Some engage in social and community service. They might donate money to charities or serve for a particular cause. They treat wounds, they clean roads, they teach new skills, they fight injustice…They are all clearly very well intentioned and necessary work….but they are limited in their scope.

None of the methods we adopt succeed in giving us that feeling of deep contentment we seek because they are all limited. None of them get to the nub of the disease that plagues us at this time. We’ve forgotten who we are.

Until we remember who we are, Whom we belong to and what we am here to do, there CANNOT be that sense of purpose, belonging or contentment.

Baba comes and shows us the path back to ourselves. He takes the hand of my intellect and makes me belong to Him. He assures me His companionship through the course of my journey. He tells me the story of the beginning, middle and end of this world cycle and reminds me of my inheritance. He comes to show me how to reclaim that which I have lost…once again.

When I realize who I am and step into that identity, that consciousness, when I feel the security that comes from belonging to my true Parent, when I understand my part in this Drama, that elevated role I am here to play in God’s task…that’s when I touch base. That’s when I see the things I was chasing after, those goals, those expectations for what they really are and decide to let go. I recognize the stones that I once thought were diamonds and drop them to the ground. I understand that no river, mountain top or ritual is required for me to connect with my own Father. I don’t worship, I relate.

Indeed, I am so lucky. I don’t have to run, seek or go anywhere. I don’t have to spend any money or perform any rituals. I already am where I need to be. I already have all that I ever wanted. I just need to remember.

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