A living lighthouse

Baba says, ‘you are a world server, a lighthouse‘. A lighthouse doesn’t just keep the light to itself, it spreads it far and wide. Become a living lighthouse that shows lost ships the way back home.

Souls are tired of selfish love, says Baba. They want to experience true love, that is not based on any hidden agenda, that does not have an expiration date, that is not conditional. Even a minute of experiencing such love fills a soul with enormous strength and influences their well-being.

But often, souls don’t experience that from us. We believe we are loving and compassionate but Baba says, while it is good to be that, check to see if it is limited just to you or if you are radiating it everywhere you go. Maybe we are in a meeting and one of the participants is a little short on patience or tolerance that day. Can I compensate for that by showing patience and tolerance on their behalf? uplift that situation? Or do I just satisfy myself by thinking, ‘well, I am tolerant and patient when someone talks to me…’ and keep silent?

You are a world server, not just a self-server or family server, says Baba. When I step out of the limited into an unlimited consciousness, I take responsibility for every scene I am in even when I am not the primary actor in it. I do what I need to with a smile, through my vision, my face, my behavior, my attitude to uplift that scene and all the actors in it. I am not selective where I am helpful to some, not to others….I am myself with everyone, everywhere.

Be careful, Baba cautions, that you don’t become a ‘guru’. It’s easy to slip into the ‘guru consciousness’ where I use my specialties, my qualities to help others but not selflessly…I do it with the subtle need for attention. I impress others rather than inspire, I attract attention to myself rather than direct it to The Source. I enjoy having followers, people who ‘like’ me and that becomes a subtle dependency for me and I for them.

That is not service, that is disservice and a sin. No one except God can give a soul its inheritance. By drawing the soul to me, I have taken them off track and deprived them of their connection to their Father and of their right to the inheritance.

Let me be God’s server, His angel…not a guru. Angels don’t wait for applause or praise. They do their job and leave. Their only goal is to serve God, to help Him get His task done and that is to introduce my brothers and sisters to their Father too. I do that not through flowery lectures or workshops but by being God’s child. I use the inheritance I have received – the virtues, the powers – in service of others, of the world. I become the lighthouse who through its very being…guides. It has no followers, no one walks over and showers praise on it….but more importantly, neither does the lighthouse expect it. If it did, it would not be service.

It’s connection is with The Source – that’s all it needs. When mine is One Baba and none other, I am full, I don’t have any more needs whether subtle or otherwise. And because I am full, I don’t go astray, don’t fall prey to Maya’s pettiness and simply enjoy and radiate my companionship with God.

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