Become an angel

Baba says, ‘there is destruction, you become an angel‘. Destruction of the old world with it’s old ways which we bring about through our own transformation. When we transform which is to say, let go of the attachments of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, step out of the entanglements, then I become free from all bondages and am able to fly.

Ravan’s way is to make us live a life where we are constantly building a prison around ourselves at every step. No matter what we need to do, we think and think because we are unsure. Then we are constantly worried about outcomes, approval, validation, feedback, respect and regard. Then we take sorrow and anxiety and it can sit in our heart for a long time eating away at our contentment. Slowly we have given away our birthright of happiness and peace and trapped ourselves.

Baba comes as The Liberator to liberate us from Ravan’s prison by teaching us to be soul conscious. Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone, He says. When I do, I see the prison for what it is, regain the power to open the door and fly out.

My intellect is free of any burdens, of heaviness – whether it is from worry, anxiety, guilt or shame or jealousy, or any other manifestation of body consciousness. It doesn’t mean that I have left this world..rather it means that I have learnt to live right. It means that I am able to perform my activities, shoulder my responsibilities with ease, without the fear of loss which comes as a result of identifying with something. And because it is free, it is clear. Because my intellect is clear, it can think, discern right from wrong and make accurate decisions.

I don’t overthink or over-analyze anything, I simply know what I need to do. I don’t have self-doubt, I don’t second guess, I don’t blame or complain. I am instead confident of my thoughts and actions. I am confident because I am connected to God and I take my guidance from Him. Then, I don’t worry about the outcome, I leave it to Him…it is His responsibility.

I am God’s child. My seat is His heart-throne. When I remember who I am and Whom I belong to, I stay on my seat. When I forget, I end up back in prison. Baba reminds me daily, every morning in the Murli. Let me listen to Him and keep His words in my heart. His knowledge and His remembrance are the wings that enable me to fly like an angel.

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