This is a study for the future

Baba says, ‘you are studying for the future‘. God is here to establish the Golden Age. How much and how deeply I experience that world depends on how much I effort I put into the task of establishment, how much I help Baba.

Baba says, ‘I had created a new world and then you were free. Gradually, you fell prey to the vices and lost your inheritance. I have come now to show you the way to reclaim your inheritance again‘.

That path is returning to soul consciousness from body consciousness through knowledge and remembrance. Every morning Baba meets us as The Supreme Teacher and reveals the secrets of the Drama – its beginning, middle and end. He tells me who I really am, how things were back when the world was free and how becoming pure once again, which is to say, becoming soul conscious will get the world back to that state.

He is the reference point to help me become soul conscious again. He is the Only one who is always soul conscious and therefore ever pure. Spending time with Him in various relationships – Father, Teacher, Guru, Friend, Beloved – helps me understand how He operates and inspires me to transform my ways too. He says, ‘I am here every step of the way. Ask me anything and I will guide you‘. ‘But‘, He cautions, ‘ensure your intellect is not leaking‘. Many of us listen to the Murli every morning but by the time we start the day’s work, we forget and fall back to our old habits. ‘What is the use of that’, Baba says. If I don’t change, I continue to experience the inevitable sorrow that comes from being trapped in body consciousness and I am not helping with the task of transformation.

Now is the time to study and change. In the Golden Age, there is no knowledge or remembrance. There is no opportunity to learn and ascend. That time is ONLY now, in this auspicious Confluence Age. This is the only time we have direct access to God, can learn and ascend to a higher stage i.e. reach our full potential. In the Golden Age, I am simply reaping the fruit of the effort I put in now.

And so Baba says, ‘listen to the call of time‘. Study hard, experience every point of knowledge and make it part of your natural nature. That will set me up for success now and for the future.

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