Faith in Who is teaching me

Baba says, ‘have the faith that God is teaching you‘. We listen to Baba’s teaching every morning and know intellectually that it is the Truth. Then we step into the world and are faced with many situations. I have to make a choice and I find myself justifying and rationalizing to myself the reason why I need to do the opposite of what Baba told me.

This is the ‘real’ world, I say. Yes, I can be following Baba’s Shrimat but the million others around me are not. They don’t know Him and so His rules don’t apply to them. And so while I am trying to do the right thing, it might just cost me that promotion or receiving credit for that thing I did. Yes, Baba says I need not care about things like credit but guess what, in this world it matters. And when I don’t ensure that I am getting my ‘fair’ share, others walk away with the rewards and I am left high and dry.

And so the battle with ourself continues….no wonder we feel tired at the end of the day. The soul wants to do what God, its Father, is teaching it to do but more often than not, the ego still wins. And that makes me, the soul, feel depleted and small.

Baba says, you won’t battle when you have the unshakable faith that it is God Who is teaching you. When I BELIEVE that, I will KNOW that I cannot fail. When the most generous, intelligent, powerful soul is my Father, how can I possibly fail! He is here to establish the new world where things will be different- there will be peace, prosperity, health and happiness. Sorrow will not exist. I know that is the world I want to live in and I also know He is the only one who can establish it. He tells me that all I have to do is remember Him and that new world and I will think, speak and act according to that that new world.

But when faced with a situation, I often find myself forgetting the new world and instead find myself strategizing about how I can ‘win’ in the old. I am still attached to the trapping of this world- the name, fame, status, position etc. ‘You have to die alive from this world to be Mine’, says Baba. You have experienced so much sorrow, felt unfulfilled, betrayed, and empty despite your efforts in accumulating the props this world offers and yet, you chase after it. Why?, asks Baba.

Let me recognize and have the firm faith that it is God who is my Father and that He is here showing me the way to happiness and fulfillment. Let me choose Him over the trappings of this old world. I’ve been down its alleyways and KNOW they are bright from the outside but empty and scary inside. Each time I choose God, my faith in Him grows because I see the benefit, I experience the happiness He promised. All I need is determination to make the right choice in that one second and turn my back to the old world. Do it a few times and I’ll feel free, light, happy and on my way to the new world.

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