Be a donor

Baba says, ‘this is about being a donor, it is not a business‘. Many times, we hear what Baba asks us to do and we say, ‘well Baba, you don’t know him. Let him do it first, then I will’. Baba says, that is not the qualification of being a donor. You are not striking a deal, a donor simply gives.

To give is to receive, He reminds us. Each time I have good wishes and pure feelings for anyone, the primary beneficiary is me. I, the soul, feel good, clean and light inside. But often we are selective about who receives our good wishes. If someone is good to us, we are good to them. If someone criticizes us or behaves in a less than acceptable way, we don’t think they deserve our good wishes. We may not openly say bad things but we subtly ignore them or give them the cold shoulder. In other words, we reject them.

To love those who love you is easy, says Baba. It is when you love everyone, no matter what, unconditionally…that is greatness. That is Bapsaman (equal to God). I am the Bestower of Happiness and Remover of Sorrow. You are my children and therefore you should also give happiness to all, He says. Rejecting a soul is a tamopradhan (degraded) sanskar…it is a form of violence. When I am seated firmly in my seat of self-respect, when I am clear about who I am, then I have the strength and ability to look beyond the clumsiness, the infractions and accept the soul. When I forget I am a soul and think of myself as a body, then I identify as my ego and feel hurt, slighted or threatened easily. I see the world as me vs. everyone else. Win vs lose, good vs. bad. I take sides.

Focus on how you show up, on who you are. Stop focusing on how the other should be behaving or what they should be saying, He says. Most times, we merely reflect the other’s sanskars, forget to be myself. If they are rude, I am rude. If they are nice, I am nice. My identity is completely lost when I do that. That is the characteristic of body consciousness. ‘But you are the master of your body‘, Baba reminds me, ‘you should be using it for service, not identifying with it’! If I remember who I am, I don’t reflect the other, I just am who I am – and that is a peaceful soul, a child of God.

No matter who it is, they should experience receiving a donation from you- it may be zeal, enthusiasm, energy, power, knowledge, love, peace, courage. It could be any of the virtues, but they should never leave empty handed, He says. Giving is receiving. Taking is not receiving, it is losing. To say, let them do it first is not being a donor. It is as if you are striking a deal…this is not a business, He says. Sometimes, we smile, we are polite but we don’t mean it. Internally, we are thinking, ‘well, you are a difficult person but I will take the high road’, ‘you are a piece of work but I will be polite’. That does not work. Our thoughts and vibrations travel faster than our words, that’s what the soul experiences.

Baba finds us at our darkest, most ignorant point in the cycle. We routinely say and do things that are not a reflection of our original self or of Him. And yet, He accepts us unconditionally. He teaches us the right way, He corrects us but He does so with love, not with judgment, not with condescension…with love and acceptance. And because His love is so pure and unconditional, it is the alchemy that transforms the soul. His mere remembrance is the warm embrace, the canopy of protection that fills the soul with power and purifies. That is why He is called Almighty….not because He can bring back the dead but because His remembrance transforms thorns into flowers.

I am His child.

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