An honest heart

Baba says, ‘I don’t need a shrewd intellect, I am only pleased with an honest heart‘. In the physical world, people place a lot of value on degrees, trophies and medals but to God, none of this matters. He says, I am the intellect of the wise.

The wise, in Baba’s book, are not the scientists or the engineers or the academics. The wise are those innocent souls that have recognized Him. ‘I come in an ordinary body‘, He says, at a time when there are many false gods and gurus. But you recognized Me…you are a wise soul, He says.

Even the sanyasis after all their penance still don’t attain me, they think I am omnipresent but they also say I am beyond name and form. They are so confused. But you ordinary children living in the midst of this old world have recognized Me and come to Me.

He says, this is a family and you are my children. I don’t need anything from you. We are bound together in eternal love. Even in bhakti, there are many stories of bhagats who won God over with their love..

There is the story of Meera who was deeply in love with Krishna (depicted as God). When she is offered poison with the intention of killing her, God saves her. Then there is the story of Sudama who considered Krishna to be his best friend. He being poor comes to meet his Friend with just a handful of rice, embarrassed to even offer it. But Krishna embraces his childhood friend, washes his tired feet and accepts his offering wholeheartedly. He is so pleased and over the moon to see His friend that He gives Sudama a palace and all the comforts without his even knowing or asking for it. There is Shabari who offered Rama (depicted as God) berries..except she had tasted every one of them to ensure they were sweet enough for Rama. Pleased with her innocent and pure love, Rama accepts her offering and fulfills her desire.

Even on the path of knowledge, Baba says, I don’t need your education or money. In fact, if you are uneducated, that is even better…it means you don’t have to unlearn anything, He says. All I want is a clean and honest heart- one that is free from deception, free from malice, free from anything wasteful. Your heart is my throne, He says, it can either seat Me or everything else of this old world. The choice is yours…

When I sit in remembrance, do I sit with an open mind, inviting God in or do I approach Him with an agenda? When I ask Him a question, do I genuinely look for His help or do I simply want Him to agree with my solution that I think is right? Am I in Baba’s service, offering my assistance in His task or do I subtly expect Him to serve me? Do I involve Him in all my activities, do I have all my relationships with Him, make Him central to my world? or do I only think of Him when I need something, when I am desperate?

Remembrance begets remembrance. And only true love wins Him over.

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