Give congratulations

Baba says, ‘give congratulations to one another’. The confluence age is the time when we are sustained through God’s love and His blessings. He is always proud of us, constantly congratulating us about our elevated destiny, our part in the Drama, how lucky we are, how lovely we are. Then He sings our praise based on each one of our specialties. He constantly tells us things about ourselves that we didn’t even know or think possible.

When Baba meets us, He finds us at our very bottom when the light of the soul is almost out. He comes and protects the light with His warmth. He then pours into me the oil of knowledge and shows me how to connect to Him, so that I stay constantly lit. He breathes a new life into me.

But then given I had been a partially, almost burnt out light for so long, I still continued to think of myself as small, insignificant and helpless against the many storms of the world. I was scared…even when a little breeze blew my way, I shook wildly even as I tried to find my bearings. I was weak in my mind.

Baba comes and reminds me that I am the same light that once shone brightly, so brightly in fact He says, that I lit up the whole world. You were the emperor of the world, He says. Then the world was free, peace was the only religion, there was love, happiness and prosperity. It was the Golden Age. Remember, He says…

You are my child, full of virtues – you are the jewel of contentment, the goddess of coolness, the embodiment of zeal and enthusiasm. You are the master ocean of love, you are the master ocean of knowledge….you are my child. Everything that is mine is yours. Look at me and look at yourself, you are just like me, He says.

We listen to Him say these things about us everyday. He says it because He believes it, because that is what He SEES and KNOWS about me. He pours His love into us. We are skeptical at first given all the evidence to the contrary, but we see His belief in us and put that together with the fact that He is Truth and decide albeit with hesitation, that maybe…just maybe, I am indeed who He says I am.

That little mustard seed worth of faith is all He needed. He attaches to it His enormous will and faith and lo and behold, I am able to do things that I never thought I could do. I start to make a little change based on what He tells me and I experience lightness, freedom. When the storm comes and they will, where I would previously be terrified because I was all alone, I now experience His companionship. I learn to trust that He is here to stay, that His promise is not an empty one. And so when the storm blows, I stay put – I feel the boat shake but I now BELIEVE that I will not fall.

All this because of the alchemy of His love- He sustained me and continues to sustain me with His enormous faith and belief in me which He expresses through constant congratulations. The Father sings the praise of His children, He says. What else do I have to do, I remember you children all the time.

Can I be the kind of bestower my Father is? Can I uplift others the way He has uplifted me- by speaking faith unto them, by genuinely believing in them, by standing by them, by celebrating their small victories with them, by congratulating them. I was almost burnt out when I was gifted a new life. Now, it is my duty to use my light to help light other lamps.

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