Becoming The Father’s helper

Baba says, ‘you have to become a complete helper of the Father‘. This is the most valuable time in the whole cycle, He says. Don’t waste it by making excuses, serve.

To serve, I must be full within. If I still have my own desires to satisfy, I will not have the motivation or the appetite to serve others. Does that mean that I work harder and longer in the external world to fulfill my desires quickly so that I can serve after that?


For one, limited desires by their very definition will not be satisfied. Just when you think you’ve satisfied one, another one springs up…it’s a moving target. Also, its a false belief that external props – money, name, fame, respect, titles- will bring me contentment. In fact, the opposite happens, the chase takes me in the opposite direction towards nowhere. For half a cycle, we had forgotten who we are and Whom we belong to and so we looked for identity, meaning and belonging everywhere. We were made to believe by the vices that if I accumulate more, I will be happy. Many of us are still in that race.

As long as I am still chasing, I am not completely pure since desire and chasing after it is inherently self serving. My thoughts, words, attitude, action will all be driven by my need to satisfy the desire. As long as I am chasing, I am peaceless. I am discontent. My mind and intellect are scattered among many different things, lost in the expansion.

Baba says, this study is about returning to the essence. Remember who you are- a point of light, a peaceful soul, a child of God. When I can be in that awareness of a point, I am pure, peaceful and complete. When I am in that state of consciousness, I am able to serve and help God. He is able to work through me and touch souls – my eyes, my face, my behavior, my attitude all reveal Him. Souls experience their own destiny, receive the introduction of the Father and are able to claim their inheritance.

You see, service is not something I do. It’s what automatically happens when I am in the right consciousness. That is how I help Baba. He says, the biggest help you can give me is by becoming pure. Let me in silence move inward to touch base with my own truth and then upward to connect with my Father. Let me become a point and remember The Point – that awareness will make me pure and complete. There is nothing I could possibly need or want when I have found what I’d been searching for – my own truth. Then, I am able to help others find theirs.

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