I am a peaceful soul

Baba says, ‘don’t spread peacelessness’. This is a devilish sanskar, says Baba. Nobody wants to be around those who spread peacelessness. Everyone wants and prays for peace.

Peacelessness starts in the mind, then comes out in my words, feelings and actions. It comes when there is a feeling of lack….a lack of clarity or a lack of direction or a lack of necessities etc. People today search for peace of mind – in temples, on mountain tops, at resorts, workshops, from gurus but they don’t find it. Baba says, ‘peace is your original religion, it is the garland around your neck. Why do you search for it outside?’

For peace outside in the world, I first need to have peace within. That comes when I, the soul am in alignment with the Drama. Often though, I am not. I desire something and the Drama has a different idea. I cannot understand why the Drama doesn’t see what I see- clearly, this is a bad situation. Why me!! This happens every time! It’s either the wrong person, or the wrong role, or the wrong family I was born into, or the worst circumstances….something. The common thread though is that I paint myself as the victim…helpless, bound by a very hostile Drama.

It’s like my own little mini drama within the Drama really…

Baba says, ‘the Drama is benevolent‘, trust it implicitly. Can I? The Drama works in my favor by presenting me with situations that will help me progress in my journey. It knows what my blind spots are, what my weaknesses are and it works to reveal them to me and help me overcome them. The key is to not be shaken or afraid when confronted by my sanskars. Even though it might seem that it is the other person or thing, they are merely triggering something that is dormant within me. The sooner I accept it, I can work on removing it and then can move on. Like Baba, the Drama is my teacher too. Let me learn to trust the Drama…with time, I’ll find that in fact, the Drama cherishes me.

Baba says, everyone at this time is body conscious. The Drama with every situation challenges that body consciousness, that ego – and yes, it hurts. I have been identifying with my ego for so long and the ego, by its very definition is so fragile. But when I see it for what it is and take that one step away from it and toward myself, Baba matches it with a thousand of His own. He works in tandem with the Drama to help me move forward.

When I stand on that solid ground of the Drama and Baba being on my side, nothing can shake me, nothing can make me peaceless. In solitude, let me remember who I am, Whom I belong to and the benevolent time in the Drama. Let me fill myself with peace and power and then step into the world and radiate that peace to everyone.

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