Beware of germs and echos

Baba says, ‘remember Me alone‘. This time of the confluence is the most auspicious and valuable in the whole cycle. This is the time that God comes to the physical world to purify His children and take them back home with Him.

It is the time when He introduces Himself to me, reminds me of who I am and the fact that He is my Father. He is also my Teacher and reveals the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the Drama. As my Guru, He guides me back home by showing me gaps in my character and offering remedies for them.

It is a very short time in the cycle during which all of this happens. And the quality of the rest of the cycle for me depends on how well I do now. Do I accept the truth Baba is telling me about myself and step into that vision or do I still think ‘I am a sinner’, ‘I am ordinary’ etc. Do I listen and learn about my inheritance and the way to get it back? Do I remain alert and attentive throughout the day and listen to my Guru’s words of caution and advice?

It is a journey that I am on, my return back home. Most of us are tired of this old world and its ways and we are ready to return home. In fact, Baba says, ‘you called Me to come to take you back home‘. I am here now but are you ready?

I cannot return home without becoming pure – without changing back to the stage that I arrived in to this world. After such a long time in the cycle, I have acquired many sanskars- of ego, of jealousy, of judgment, of criticism etc. I have come to believe that I have to push to move ahead, survive in this world. So when I see someone else move ahead, I feel insecure because more for someone else means less for me. My sanskar of competition, comparison, judgment all kick in. Similarly, if I encounter someone behave in a way that I perceive as wrong, then again my sanskars of judgment, criticism, right and wrong kick in.

The sanskars trigger feelings act like germs that eat away at my happiness, my lightness, my contentment. They constantly nag at me, ‘that was wrong of them’, ‘I should have got that job’, ‘I am more talented’, ‘I did all the work and she walked away with all the credit’, ‘I won’t let them get away with this’, ‘he’s just so wrong for this’ etc etc. If I don’t pay attention, they spiral into an endless chain of (waste) thought that can so overwhelm me that I lose track of time.

Then when I sit in remembrance, there are echos in my mind of these thoughts that prevent me from connecting with the Source. That’s what remembrance is – it’s when I, plug in to the main Source and if I have echos in my mind, I am searching but I cannot find that socket to plug into.

Baba says, have a clean intellect. For that I have to consider myself a soul and remain in that consciousness. Staying alert helps me to notice when I am slipping away and get myself back in alignment. It takes practice and consistency. Taking a min to pause and check many times throughout the day and doing it daily helps me stay on track. Then I prevent or greatly reduce the germs and echos in my mind and intellect.

My aim is to become pure and return home with God. I called Him, He’s here and He’s ready. I cannot become pure unless I remember Him which is what gives me the necessary power to transform. I cannot remember if I am contaminated. So, let me keep my aim in front of me, stay alert to contagions – those reactions, feelings- and nip them in the bud. They will come but it is up to me if I want to entertain them, invite them to stay or shoo them off. Less contamination = more cleanliness = better remembrance which then gives me more power to do even better the next day.

Don’t remember what he did, what she said. Don’t remember anything or anyone else. Only remember Me. When I do, I feel a sense of peace and love that simply washes away everything and helps me touch base with my own destiny.

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