Become an elevated human being

Baba says, ‘become elevated human beings’. At this time of the confluence, we transform from being degraded to elevated human beings. Only God can enable this transformation.

He says, I am not the Creator of the world. The world is always here. I do transform the world from hell to heaven, from iron-aged to golden-aged. This is why they call Me the Creator. I come only at this time in the cycle and give you the knowledge of who you are, Who I am and the beginning middle and end of the drama. They teach you limited knowledge in the schools of this physical world through which you might earn a limited income for this one birth. With the unlimited knowledge of the Creator and the creation, you become the masters of the world for half the cycle.

Knowledge is understanding. It doesn’t refer to a check list of dos and don’ts or right and wrong. It is not something I memorize like a scripture and then use it as a weapon to tell others how to be and not to be. Knowledge opens the intellect, it is truth, shows me the path back home, to my dignity. When the knowledge remains as points in my intellect, I might soon lose interest and get bored. The key is to transform each point of knowledge into an experience.

Let me go into the depth of each point in silence and experience it. Even something like the greeting ‘Om shanti’ (I am a peaceful soul) – do I simply say it routinely or do I genuinely experience it? What does peace truly feel like? Let me experience it in silence and then carry that experience with me throughout the day. Baba says, ‘consider yourself a soul and see everyone else as a soul’. Do I simply take that as seeing myself and everyone as a point between the forehead? Do I simply keep chanting ‘I am a soul, I am a soul…’ to myself? Or do I actually go into the depth of what it is to be a soul, to be in that consciousness? Baba Himself is my reference point for this, do I observe Him and pay attention to how He thinks, operates?

When I experience, I want to change because I like what I experience. When I change and start to see the new me or more aptly- the real me, I want to learn the knowledge even more, I enjoy it. It is when nothing comes out of it that I get bored. Baba says, this knowledge is a source of unlimited income, one that goes with you through the cycle.

In silence, let me go inward and then upward to connect with myself and my Father. He is speaking to me, teaching me every day. He is showing me the way through His own example. Let me listen, observe, check within myself and change. When I change, I become elevated because that’s who I really am – a child of God, an elevated human being.

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