Stop wandering

Baba says, ‘only follow Shrimat‘. For half a cycle, you were wandering trying to find your way back home. Now I have come to take you back with Me, so follow only My directions, He says.

But many souls still continue to search and therefore wander. Baba says, ‘if your intellect still wanders despite having come to The Father, it is because you don’t trust’. Even after coming to God, many souls still go to gurus or astrologers or priests for advice. Baba says, in the iron age, there are as many opinions as there are people. And because each of us has been on our own long journey, we inadvertently look at the world, at situations, at others through our acquired filters. And any advice, as well-intentioned as it may be, we give others will be tainted by that filter.

This window of time in the cycle which we call the confluence age is the time for purification. It is time when we identify and shed the filters, it is the time when we return to our original self of being a pure, peaceful soul. It is a time when I remember that I am a child of God – that I am not my role, my gender, my nationality, my position or anything else. I am a divine being, a child of God.

In order for this purification to happen, the soul needs to connect to the source, the only One that is pure. He is the only One who is forever pure, always in realization. He never forgets and never has to remember. He is unadulterated and beyond the limitations, attractions and influences of this physical world. He is The Supreme Soul, God.

It takes me a full cycle to fall from my original pure state, now I have to return to that original state by shedding, unlearning, letting go of everything learnt over this long time within a small window. That can be accomplished only if I connect with God and only follow His Shrimat (elevated direction). If I waste precious time by listening to what God says but also then going to the guru and visiting the priest, then I will find myself as lost as ever, going around in circles.

God is invisible, He is also extremely subtle and it is hard to remember that which you cannot see. But God says, you don’t have to see…you simply have to recognize and realize. Have I truly recognized God? Have I truly realized that He is my Father? Do I spend time each day reminding myself of all the experiences I’ve had with Him? All the attainments since I’ve come to Him? this wonderful journey that He’s been with me on every step of the way?

When I remember these things, I remember Him and I come closer to Him. The closer I come to Him, the more faith I develop and the more I learn to trust Him. This is the only time in the cycle that I have direct access to God, where He is teaching me Himself – about me, about Him and the cycle, where He is available 24/7 as my Satguru (The True Guru) to guide me by telling me what to do/not to do, what is right/wrong, what is good/not etc. I don’t need any human guru tainted by their own karmic accounts to guide me, neither do I need an astrologer to predict my future. I already know what my future holds- I am returning home with my Father and becoming eligible to be the master of heaven, the new world that I am helping my Father create.

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